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SOAX is an intelligent data collection platform used by leading companies to collect public web data. Businesses choose SOAX as their data collection partner to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline operations. SOAX offers a proprietary network of ethical proxy servers, a web unblocker solution, and scraper APIs. SOAX's Proxy Servers boast exceptionally high success rates (99.55%), rapid response times (0.55s), and minimal CAPTCHA triggers. The SOAX Web Unblocker effortlessly bypasses even the most sophisticated anti-bot systems and restrictions. With the SOAX Web Scraper, websites are transformed into structured data, empowering customers to effortlessly collect public information through a user-friendly API.

  • Positive response from a new user for the online tool.

  • SOAX exceeds expectations with reliable service, personal manager, friendly support, bonuses, and features.

  • Frequent outages and unfair charges for data usage beyond daily limit. Unreliable and untrustworthy company.

  • Slow and unreliable mobile proxies, repeated IP assignments, changing proxies, poor support, and high prices.

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