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Bright Data is the world’s largest data collection platform dedicated to helping all businesses view the Internet just like their consumers and potential consumers do each and every day. We help global brands gather publicly available web data in an ethical manner and transform unstructured data (e.g., HTML) into structured data (e.g., xl). Working with over 15,000 customers, including market-leaders from the Fortune 500 space, the company’s first-of-its-kind data collection platform enables clients to view the internet in complete transparency, no matter where they are based in the world. By scouring the web through the eyes of the consumer, organizations can collect data at scale and gain a real and accurate perspective of how their customers are interacting with their brand and with their competitors – without being blocked or served misleading information. This means organizations can now make better, faster, and more informed business decisions based on real-time competitive data - leveraging real net transparency.

  • BrightData offers reliable residential IPs with excellent customer support.

  • The tool's customer support is friendly, patient, and helpful for non-tech savvy users.

  • Sending unsolicited emails about personal data collection and processing without consent.

  • Registration process is confusing and frustrating with unexplained errors and non-functional buttons.

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