[TUTO] Find Email Addresses from LinkedIn Profile URL

Learn how to use the LinkedIn profile URL email finder!


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Case study


Create a Spylead account (20 free credits!)

● Log in to your account

● Access the Email finder page

Let's start with a case study! Let's imagine that you have retrieved a large quantity of URLs corresponding to LinkedIn profiles.

And you want to scrape these profiles to extract their contact data, as well as their emails.

Well, Spylead has the feature for that.

To summarize we will:

● Find an email from a LinkedIn profile URL using the simple mode

● Find lot of emails from manu LinkedIn profile URL using the bulk mode!

Let's get into the tutorial

In this tutorial, as announced, I will show you how to use the functionality to use the simple mode and the bulk mode!

Find emails and save the contact (simple mode)

Let's start with the simple mode, be ready to find the emails and extract the info in seconds!

The data is extracted directly from the contact's LinkedIn profile (if found).

👉 Access the email finder page

👉 Search for the email from the LinkedIn profile URL

Find emails from LinkedIn URL in (Bulk mode)

👉 Access the LinkedIn Bulk page

Go to the Bulk email finder section, and click on "create a new bulk".

👉 Set up your bulk

Set up your Bulk, and import a CSV or TXT file. You can download our template.

👉 Access your bulk

As soon as you have launched your bulk to find the emails of the contacts from the LinkedIn links, a page will open automatically, and the results will be displayed progressively until reaching 100%.

You will be able to access your results at any time from the page that groups all your bulk campaigns.

To download the contacts in CSV format, select them, and click on "download as csv", the button is located at the top on the right, close to "sort by".

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