[TUTO] Find Email Addresses from LinkedIn Groups with Sales Navigator

This article will help you understand how to extract email addresses from LinkedIn Sales Navigator groups using Spylead.


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Case study


Create a Spylead account (25 credits free monthly)

● Download the chrome extension

● Pin the chrome extension on your browser (need help, check our tuto here!)

● Open LinkedIn

Let's start with a case study!
You have recently created an SEO software, and you want to make it known to active people, while being able to sort the contacts according to specific criteria. To do this, what better than to scrape the members of a LinkedIn group specialized in SEO, using Sales Navigator. For our case study we will take the SEO bloggers group

To summarize we will:

● Find LinkedIn group on sales Navigator

● Set up filters : Language English, Country United states, Member of the group SEO Blogger

● Scrape the emails and contact info of the group members with Spylead

Important note:

🔵 You can launch several bulk at the same time

🔵 You can leave the LinkedIn tab once the bulk is launched

What Are the 3 Steps to Extract Emails from LinkedIn Groups?

First, go to Sales Navigator (if you are not a subscriber, see the plan and our comparison).

1. Target a group and use filters to narrow your search

As per our case study, we want to target members of the SEO Bloggers group living in the US, who speak English.

Select these criteria, and confirm. All members matching our criteria are now available!

2. Find emails and extract data with Simple or Bulk mode

2.1. Simple mode

●  Open the chrome extension

●  Select a list or create a new one - here we use a custom list named "SEO Blogger"

●  Click on (+) to reveal the emails of each contact

2.2.Bulk mode

●  Open the chrome extension

●  Click on "Bulk" at the top right on the chrome extension

●  Select a list or create a new one - here we use a custom list named "SEO Blogger"

●  Choose page 1 if you'd like to scrape from the first contact

●  Launch the scraper by clicking on "start bulk"

3. Access your bulk

As soon as you click on "start bulk", a new campaign page will open. From this page, all contacts with a found email will be displayed.

Some important information:

●  To download the list, select all leads and click on "download as CSV"

●  Filter the data by clicking on "Filters" - conditional filtering is available

Keep in mind: Quality > Quantity

When performing an extraction with LinkedIn using Sales Navigator, we recommend that you sort the contacts using the LinkedIn filters.

The more the contacts are filtered to match your objectives, the better your email campaigns will perform.

In addition, LinkedIn limits the number of pages to 100, so it is important to limit the number of contacts to 2500 for a search to be able to extract all contacts (25 contacts per page, 100 pages = 2500)

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