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Finding your fellow alumni has been made really easy on LinkedIn. All you have to do is use the LinkedIn Alumni Search tool, LinkedIn search, or LinkedIn Sales Navigator to get access to hundreds of alumni profiles within minutes of search! In this guide, I am going to show you how to find alumni on LinkedIn and how you can use the LinkedIn alumni tool to achieve.

How To Find Alumni On LinkedIn?

Everyone knows just how powerful of a networking tool LinkedIn is. The fact that you can search for job openings, expand your professional network, set up Informational interviews, broaden your contact list and apply for new positions are amongst the many benefits of the social media platform. 

However, another important tool that isn't well known to many and therefore not utilized is the Linkedin Alumni tool. With this tool, you can find a former member of your school–high school or university– and then build your network. Here is a simplified guide on how to approach the LinkedIn Alumni tool, and in turn, find your alumni on LinkedIn!

What is The LinkedIn Alumni Tool?

LinkedIn Alumni Tool is a free tool that allows you to explore alumni career paths from different colleges and universities all over the world and also build meaningful relationships that can help you along the way. Basically, the LinkedIn Alumni Tool helps you to find Alumni. With this in mind, it's safe to say that the Alumni tool is a networking goldmine! Not only does the tool allow you to find your fellow alumni, it also lets you access valuable information from these connections whether or not you're actually an alumnus. Information such as;

  • Where they work.
  • What they do for a living.
  • What they studied.
  • Where they live.
  • What skill(s) do they have?
  • How you are connected to them.

Here is a very simple step on using the LinkedIn Alumni tool:

Step 1: Go to the school page and click on the Alumni tab

Step 2: Search for the specific group of alumni you are looking for using the search tool such as:

  • The time they graduated 
  • Search for titles, keywords or companies name.
Alumni emails LinkedIn

Another Practical approach you could take to connect to alumni on LinkedIn is by searching on LinkedIn groups. 

Here's a Step by step rundown of how to go about it.

Step 1: Go to LinkedIn search and input your keyword. Next, click on the Groups to specify that you are searching for a group.  


Step 2: Add alumni to the school name in the search bar (this will help to find groups with the keyword associated with your university or college and "alumni" added to their names.

Step 3: Select the groups you're interested in.

Find alumni from LinkedIn group

However, there are so many alumni LinkedIn groups that exist on LinkedIn. So, to find alumni is really easy with another simplified method; Sales Navigator and LinkedIn search. 

The Linkedlin Sales Navigator is also another vital tool that allows you to explore the whole LinkedIn database. It makes finding alumni of a company or school very seamless. Although, the thing with sales Navigator is that you have to have an account. However, there is a free process you can try:

  • Open the lead filters.
  • Search for the school filter.
  • Enter the name of the school you wish to find.
  • Press search to display all the alumni on the search engine.

How To Reach out to Alumni on LinkedIn

You have found your alumni on LinkedIn, now you are wondering how to reach out to them. It's really simple, all you need to do is read through the following carefully and follow the following steps. 

3 easy strategies to follow to reach out to your alumni on LinkedIn are;

  • Organize an alumni event.
  • Create an alumni group.
  • Ask for a catch up.

Organize an alumni event

This is a very effective strategy you could try to reach out to your alumni. You could try to put together an event–digital or physical–gathering alumni of your company/school. You could do this by creating a LinkedIn event and sending the link to your fellow alumni.

Here's an example of a networking message:

Hello <Insert first name>,

I'm putting together an event gathering <Insert school name> alumni: <insert link to the event>

A lot of people are doing big/great things, and I feel we are not connected nearly enough. I am organizing this event with the hopes of us networking and communicating more.

This event will be happening at <insert location and date>

Would you love to take part in this?

Best wishes, John

Create an alumni group

Another way you can reach out to your fellow Alumni to create a group for the alumni of your school or company. 

Here's an example of Alumni outreach.

Hello <insert first name>,

I am trying to gather all of the <insert school name> alumni in  Linkedin group so we can keep in n touch and network: <insert link of the group>

I noticed you schooled in <insert school name> from <insert start date> to <insert end date>. Would you be interested in connecting with other alumni of our school and expanding your network?

Best wishes, John.

Ask for a catch up 

If you are not so keen on creating a group or event, you can try reaching out for a link up. 

Here's an example of reaching out to Alumni on LinkedIn 

How to reach out to alumni on Linkedin

Hello <Insert first name>,

I’m reaching out to <insert school name> alumni to know if we could link up and share some business ideas.

Frankly, I believe our alumni network is underrated and to that effect, I believe we could all benefit from keeping in touch via communication.

I’ve noticed that you are also part of <insert your industry> as well. Which means we have a lot in common. 

If you're up for it we can grab a drink and share some good old in time <insert school name>

Best wishes, John.


Finding your alumni is pretty easy with the help of LinkedIn Alumni tool, linkedin search and Sales Navigator.  With over 20,000 alumni networks world wide, we can all agree LinkedIn is your safe bet for anything. Ensure to explore them all!!

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