Dec 13, 2023

Search Box optimization (What is it & Where to buy)

Unlock Search box optimization secrets for brand visibility and online success.

Search Box optimization (What is it & Where to buy)

Have you ever wondered how some brands magically pop up while you’re typing in Google’s search box? That’s no magic; it’s all about Google Search Box Optimization, or as some folks like to call it, Google Autocomplete Optimization. Let’s dive into what this is all about and why it’s the secret sauce for boosting your brand’s online presence.

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What is Google Search Box Optimization?

Google Search Box Optimization, also known as Google Autocomplete Optimization, is the process of strategically influencing the suggestions that appear in the Google search box as users type their queries. This involves, in the normal way, optimizing content to align with popular search terms and ensuring that a brand's name, products, or services are suggested as users begin typing relevant keywords.

But fortunately, there exists some service like Scales Suggest that accelerates the process, and can push your brand in the search box in less than 30 days, for a low cost, and …. high benefits!

Why is it important for a brand to be in the Google Autocomplete?

Being featured in the Google Autocomplete suggestions can significantly enhance a brand's visibility and credibility. When a brand's name or key terms associated with its products or services appear in the autocomplete suggestions, it not only increases the likelihood of users clicking on the brand's website but also reinforces brand recognition and trust. This can lead to higher click-through rates and improved organic traffic, and logically sales.

The best Search Box optimization Service

Buy Search Box Optimization with ScaleSuggest

ScaleSuggest is a service that provides organic manipulation for Google Autocomplete for SEO purposes. It offers the ability to create or remove Google Suggest, as well as increase keyword search volume on analytics tools like Semrush. The mechanism behind the service involves real people searching for chosen keywords and brands from specific countries. It is designed to help with SEO and keyword optimization strategies.

How does Google autocomplete work?

The goal is to make a brand name appear as soon as a user types a keyword. In the best case scenario, this keyword should have a high purchase intent to maximize the performance of the suggestion.

To achieve this, they create a trend around the keyword+brand by using their "secret recipe" to simulate the same effect that a television advertisement would have. It is important that Google understands that the association of X brand is relevant to associate with Y keyword.

Because, it must be remembered, Google's goal is to provide its users with the best results, which are the most relevant for a given search.

The benefits of SBO (Search Box Optimization)

Creating one or several Google suggests for one's brand is a marketing strategy that complements or replaces an acquisition strategy via Google Ads. Indeed, many users will click on the Google suggestion > be redirected to the Google search page where the first results will be the URLs of your website > the user will visit your website page.

With some additional advantages:

  • Users see your brand in the autocomplete: they give more credit to your brand.
  • You target several keywords in the same niche, the user sees your brand in each of their searches: they remember your brand, the probability of the user buying from you increases.
  • Users who click on the suggestion and visit your website have a higher purchase intent: you increase your conversion.

On average, a keyword with 5000 searches per month generates 3 to 5 clicks per day to your website.

Good to know (data and more)

> The results appear in 5 to 35 days.

> Once the service begins, many impressions can appear in the Google Search Console.

> It is possible to target several keywords in the same service.

> There is no negative effect on SEO: their method is organic and ethical.

> The suggestions are targeted by country and language (e.g., France - French language) - one service corresponds to one keyword, in one country.

> It is possible to place a brand name "brand" or the domain "brand.io" as a suggested result.

Pricing of Search Box Optimization

The pricing of a search box optimization service is divided into two parts.

  • The first requires a payment called "starting fee" - amounting to $25 to $100, depending on the search volume of the keyword. It is payable before the start of the service.
  • The second is the monthly payment, once the suggestion is visible on Google.
  • The pricing of the monthly payment starts at $100/month, and is progressive according to the search volume of the keyword.

e.g., a keyword with 100k volume has an approximate cost of €1000 to €1500/month.

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