Dec 13, 2023
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LinkedIn Marketing Hacks You Need To Know

The latest LinkedIn Marketing Tips, Tactics, and Strategies to Increase Your Networking Success.

LinkedIn Marketing Hacks You Need To Know

With over seven hundred users across the globe, LinkedIn has become a hot spot for marketing. When used properly, your LinkedIn account can help improve brand awareness, boost leads and conversions, build your network, etc.

However, the large number of users also puts you at risk of competition. Nevertheless, with the strategies in this article, you will learn how best to utilize your LinkedIn account for marketing.

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media application quite different from the others. This platform lays more emphasis on sharing ideas, networking, and creating careers. Members of the site can interact and share useful materials with other professionals, including coworkers, possible employers, business partners, and clients. This is what makes LinkedIn a great marketing tool.

How To Use LinkedIn 

Loads of resources available for your use on LinkedIn would be useless if you do not know how to use the application. LinkedIn Marketing is great, but having an understanding of the platform makes your work even easier. Below are a few steps on how to use LinkedIn, either for business or marketing. 

Customize Your LinkedIn Profile URL 

By changing your LinkedIn Public Profile URL, you may give your profile a more polished appearance and make it simpler to share. Make it appear nicer than a URL with a jumble of numbers at the end. 

Click View Profile, followed by Edit Public Profile and URL. 

how to customize linkedin profile url

It would take you to another window. On the top right of the new window you will find the option to edit and personalize your LinkedIn url. 

edit and personalize button for linkedin profile url

Click on the pen (edit button) and customize your profile. 

Edit button to personalize linkedin url profile

If it hasn't already been claimed by another LinkedIn member, you can alter your URL to anything you'd like, such as your first and last name or your company name. Tools like Spylead can help you find people’s emails just from their LinkedIn profiles, making your work as a marketer even easier. 

Add A Personal Picture To Your LinkedIn Profile

By including a background image that is consistent with your brand, you may give your LinkedIn profile a little more flair. Although one is automatically given to you, you can edit it to highlight your unique qualities, and hobbies, or attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. 

The recommended background image size for LinkedIn is 1584 x 396 pixels, and it must be a JPG, PNG, or GIF file that is less than 8MB in size.

Edit Your LinkedIn Profile

Sections of your LinkedIn profile can be edited and rearranged in any way you see appropriate to showcase particular pieces of information. Simply place your cursor over the double-sided arrow in each part while in edit mode. You can click, drag, and drop to a different location on your Profile after your mouse changes to a four-arrow icon.

Make Your LinkedIn Profile SEO Friendly 

You can optimize your LinkedIn profile to appear in searches for key terms you want to be found for. Search engine optimization (SEO) isn't just for blogging. These keywords can be added to several areas of your profile, including your headline, summary, or job history. 

write linkedin summary that fits SEO standards

In the above picture, the person wants to rank for the keywords “Digital Marketing” and “E-commerce.”

This aspect of setting up your LinkedIn profile is really important, especially if you want frequent visits to your page. With Spylead’s SERP Email finder, you can easily scrape out emails with just a keyword search.

Utilize Connections To Your Website On Your LinkedIn Profile 

To your LinkedIn page, you can add links to your portfolio and social media accounts. You may also include links to your content and contact details in your profile to attract clicks. You can use this function to direct traffic elsewhere by focusing more emphasis on particular portions of your page.

For instance, if you have a YouTube channel, you can advertise your work on LinkedIn by posting links to your episodes. 

Find Out Who Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile 

Find out a little bit about the people who are visiting your LinkedIn profile and the marketing content you are posting as prospects and customers. 

How? Utilizing the Who Viewed Your Profile function

You may use this tool to see exactly who has visited your page by using the Profile drop-down menu in the main navigation. You can compare your performance to that of your relationships, rival companies, and more using the Profile views.

What Is LinkedIn Marketing And Why Is It Important?

LinkedIn marketing is the practice of utilizing LinkedIn to network, create leads, increase brand awareness, encourage collaboration and increase website traffic. As a result of its success in growing professional networks, LinkedIn is now a crucial component of many marketing campaigns. When utilized properly, the benefits are almost limitless.

In addition to that, LinkedIn generates leads 227% more effectively than Facebook and Twitter, making it more effective for marketing.

Tips And Tricks To Marketing On LinkedIn

Using Hashtags For LinkedIn Marketing

Hashtags are frequently utilized to emphasize your LinkedIn post, but they also have another use that might improve your marketing approach. These short sentences that are followed by the hashtag symbol are gold mines for reaching new markets, sectors, and niches. However, using too many or, even worse, the incorrect ones, can limit your reach.

By conducting hashtag research on LinkedIn, you should create a balance between relevant and trending hashtags. First, look up a general hashtag using the search bar. For instance, if you work in finance marketing, start by searching #finance marketing to discover who is using it most frequently and how many people are following it.

Continue this process by coming up with two to four hashtags that are relevant to the audiences you wish to address. Do not be too obsessed with big numbers. You can focus your reach on a group of people who are more likely to interact with your LinkedIn content by using related but less popular hashtags.

Keep A Consistent Publishing Schedule On LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a platform that doesn't require a constant stream of new content because it is known for having one of the longest content lifespans. What it does require is a reliable one. Your network will begin to anticipate your content regularly, which fosters trust, whether you publish daily, every other day, or even once a week. 

Select a schedule that works for your company and adhere to it for a month. Look at the days and hours that are generating the most engagement and include those in your publishing plan. This is one important LinkedIn marketing which most people fail to utilize.

Share Articles From Other Users On Your LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn's algorithm permits external links to blogs and websites, unlike other networks like Instagram. You'll have luck sharing other people's content on the site as long as it is valuable and pertinent to your audience.

It's not a bad idea to name the author in your post or use their hashtag to give credit, even if you don't need to worry about doing so if you're connecting to their website directly. Sometimes they'll remark on your article or share it with their followers, introducing your profile to their audience. This goes a long way in marketing your profile to potential clients. 

Showcasing Company Culture On Your LinkedIn Page

Many brands focus their LinkedIn campaigns on culture for positioning and recruiting reasons. Companies can use this as yet another method of differentiation. Not to mention, seek for fresh talent. Popular methods of showcasing culture include: 

  1. Recognizing new employees 
  2. Expressing an opinion on social issues 
  3. Company posts in the "Day in the Life" format 
  4. Recaps of business events (consider retreats and conference "behind the scenes" posts)

Avoid Posting Only Links On Your LinkedIn Page 

On LinkedIn, you can't merely post links and hope for engagement. If you can avoid it, social platforms as a whole prefer it if you avoid sending users off-site. This explains why LinkedIn marketing frequently uses content repurposing. 

For instance, a lot of companies may combine or divide their blog content into smaller, text-only LinkedIn postings. Some people will produce an infographic or presentation as an alternative to an external link.

Options For LinkedIn Marketing 

You may use LinkedIn to promote your website, find high-quality leads, showcase your knowledge via thought-provoking material, and expand your network. Additionally, it's a fantastic tool to advertise job openings and draw fresh talent to your business. 

All of these advantages will be amplified by using advertisements, making them much more beneficial to your company. You can utilize any sort of advertisements on LinkedIn, and each one is designed to help you accomplish a certain business goal. They are as follows: 

Advertised Content On LinkedIn 

Users can get a news feed on the LinkedIn homepage that is specific to their network. Sponsored content will be accessible to a highly engaged audience by appearing in the LinkedIn news stream. 

In order to distinguish it from the standard news feed, this material is marked as "promoted." Single image ads, video ads, carousel ads, and event ads can all be found in sponsored content. This is one sure to properly market yourself or brand on LinkedIn.

Lead Generation Forms From LinkedIn

Your ads should generate leads, and obtaining their information with ease streamlines the process for both them and your company. These pre-filled forms assist you in gathering and logging leads on LinkedIn. With Spylead’s lead management dashboard, you can manage the data collated from your leads. 


In conclusion, LinkedIn is a great platform for marketing, both as an individual and as a company.  Learning the strategies and hacks on how to market your brand on LinkedIn makes it  even easier. Spylead helps you generate more leads on LinkedIn and reach out to your potential clients more effectively. 

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