Known and Unknown Benefits of LinkedIn

This article helps you make the most of LinkedIn by revealing its benefits and tips for success.


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LinkedIn has been in operation since 2003 and is widely regarded as the gold standard for professional networking social media platforms. LinkedIn has over 700 million users worldwide, and 40 million people use the platform weekly to look for work.

Is LinkedIn Worth it?

Yes. Creating a LinkedIn profile is completely free, and it only takes a few minutes of your time to present yourself in a positive, professional light. It's difficult to see how it couldn't be "worth it." You were going to make a resume anyway, weren't you? You're done by simply copying and pasting the same information into LinkedIn.

Having said that, I believe the best time to create a profile is when you are not looking for work. Being visible will bring you to the attention of people who want to connect with someone like you, and when the time comes, you'll have that network of connections to draw on.

7 Benefits of Opening a LinkedIn Account

To further answer the question of whether LinkedIn is worthwhile, consider the following advantages of signing up on LinkedIn.

1. It is completely free.

There is a paid option with additional features, but the basic free version has plenty. One caveat: while creating and maintaining an account is free of charge; these tasks require your time (another cost).

2. Influential people use LinkedIn.

After receiving a job application or resume, recruiters and hiring managers will frequently look up candidates on LinkedIn.

3. It provides another way to view job postings.

On the site, you can look for job postings. Furthermore, people frequently post less visible job opportunities.

4. Requirements for the application process

Companies are increasingly using standardized online applications. It is more common than ever to see a LinkedIn section near the resume upload tool, where you can upload your LinkedIn profile alongside your CV.

This is a huge advantage if it is well-crafted because potential hiring managers will look at your resume and LinkedIn profile.

5. Valuable network of contacts

That person you met at a conference five years ago might end up working at your dream company, or that coworker from your first job might know a hiring manager you'd like to contact.

You can reconnect and pursue a new lead with just a quick message. Businesses and individuals, for example, can use Spylead to scrape emails and contact information from their target audience on LinkedIn.

6. A simple method for researching businesses.

Researching companies is an essential step in the application and interview process. LinkedIn can assist you with this. You can also use the platform to look up people you'll be interviewing, which can help you prepare for the conversation.

7. Helps to build your brand.

People can provide endorsements and recommendations, which helps recruiters and others viewing your profile get a sense of your experience and talents.

In general, your LinkedIn profile may be thought of as an excellent approach to establishing and building your brand. When someone searches for their name online, their LinkedIn profile page is frequently one of the top results.

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