Dec 13, 2023
Franck Galliod

How To Increase LinkedIn Search Limit? Tutorial

Learn how to increase the LinkedIn search limit

How To Increase LinkedIn Search Limit? Tutorial

As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn gets a lot of traffic. This singular factor attracts both recruiters and jobseekers to the platform to search for each other. There is, however, a Linkedin search limit beyond which users with free accounts cannot find what or who they might be looking for.

That said, there is a way around it. In this article, you will learn what LinkedIn search limit is, the two types, how they work, and most importantly, how you can seamlessly bypass and increase them. 

Linkedin Search Limit

There are two types of LinkedIn search limits when you operate a free account and they are: 

  1. Commercial Use Limit.
  2. Profile Search Limit.

Commercial Use Limit

If your LinkedIn account reaches its commercial use limit, it means that LinkedIn believes that you are likely using your free account for commercial purposes, such as prospecting or hiring. 

Actions that could trigger LinkedIn search limit include: 

  • Running many searches among your 2nd- and 3rd-degree connections. 
  • Searching for companies and employees of a particular company. 
  • Going through plenty of profiles belonging to people outside your connection.
  • Browsing a lot of profiles from the “People Also Viewed” section.

If you are doing these things, LinkedIn expects you to pay for it, hence the premium accounts suggestions. 

The commercial use limit pops up after you perform about 300 of these kinds of searches in one calendar month. Afterward, you will still be able to search, but the result will be very limited. The LinkedIn commercial use limit resets at midnight on the first day of every month. 

Profile Search Limit

LinkedIn profile search limit works to limit the number of LinkedIn profiles you can view during your search. If you are using a free LinkedIn account, your search will be limited to 1000 profiles.  

Now that you understand why and how LinkedIn search limits work, you can proceed to learn some hacks to bypass and increase them 

Some Hacks to Increase Linkedin Search Limits? 

If you are on a budget, you probably don’t have LinkedIn Premium, LinkedIn Recruiter, or LinkedIn Sales Navigator to obtain unlimited search results. You can do the second-best thing and employ these hacks to get unlimited search results on LinkedIn. 

Increasing LinkedIn Commercial Use Limit

Bypassing and increasing LinkedIn commercial use limit is pretty straightforward. You can start taking advantage of actions that do not add to your usage count on LinkedIn. 

They are as follows: 

  • Searching for people by name (eg. John Doe). 
  • Surfing through your first-degree connections from your connected page.
  • Browsing through the "People You May Know" feature.
  • Searching for jobs through the jobs page. 

Just open and operate multiple LinkedIn accounts. As soon as you reach the commercial search limit on one account, you switch to the next account and continue your searches. Open as many as you would need in a month. At the end of each month, the LinkedIn search limit would reset in all your accounts and you can begin all over again. 

For now, this is the only way around LinkedIn commercial use limit with a free account.  

Increasing LinkedIn Profile Search Limit

Also, you can increase your LinkedIn profile search limit. 

Use Exclusive Filters

Exclusive filters help to break down your LinkedIn search into sub-searches that are mutually exclusive. It does this without modifying the result. 

As an example, let’s say you are looking for Copywriters in Sweden. 

First, you proceed and enter “Copywriter” into LinkedIn’s main search bar. You will get approximate results. 

type a keyword on LinkedIn search bar

The results you get would include companies, jobs, people, events, posts, services, etc. However, since in our specific case we are looking for a copywriter in Sweden, the first logical parameter is to use the “People” filter. 

Get a list of peoples from a LinkedIn search

So, proceed to add “Sweden” as an additional filter and get over 30,000 results. Remember though that you will only be able to access 1,000. Not great because you need access to all your results. 

Narrow down your search further down by indicating which Sweden area (eg. Stockholm, Gothenburg, Karlskrona, etc). Now, you get about 3,000 results with access to about 30%. Still not good enough. 

narrow your search on LinkedIn

Now, this is where the hack comes in. It works most of the time.

Click on “All filters,” and then click on an additional filter (“Industry” for instance). Now, observe your result, it should be less than 1000 profiles. Keep checking more boxes until you have just under 1000 results, which is when you export. 

access all the results on LinkedIn

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Repeat the process for several cities and various industries. The principle here is to take note of the searches you already performed so you remember where to continue. 


Now, the easy way to increase your LinkedIn search limit is to pay for LinkedIn Premium or invest $100 monthly on a Sales Navigator license if you take prospecting seriously. In the absence of these options, you will have to stick to the easy-to-do tricks in this article. 

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