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How to get contact info from Linkedin without connection

Learn how to get contact data such as emails and profile information

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June 17, 2024


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Have you ever wondered how B2B businesses on LinkedIn reach their target audience? It certainly can't be from just ads alone and their clientele isn't just made up of family and friends. How then do they manage to get their clients?

According to a survey done by SoA, 43% of B2B marketers have sourced their clients from Linkedin. LinkedIn is an indispensable tool when it comes to getting clients' contact information. If you want to know how you can do this to better improve your business, then keep on reading this article.

Can you contact someone you're not connected to on LinkedIn?

Short answer, yes you absolutely can. However, there are some variables you should consider. For one, not all users add their contact information, especially their phone numbers. But most of the time, the email address is readily available for you to extract if they are your target audience.

The second thing is that they might not have their contact information available to public access. This might be the biggest hindrance yet because no contact information means no way for you to reach out to them without a connection.

But luckily for you there are tools that are perfect for extracting contact information:emails and phone numbers without connections.

Why you might want to get contact info from Linkedin

As a marketer you'll need to be able to reach your target audience the best way possible so you can grow your leads organically. Extracting contact information provides you with the best way to grow your leads and engage with your prospects through cold outreaches. And it's completely legal. It's fast and effective when done right.

How to extract emails from Linkedin

One of the best ways to extract emails from Linkedin is by using automation tools, but we'll go through the rest of them for educational purposes.

The manual method

This step is the most straightforward way to get the contact information of someone on LinkedIn. The first step is to send a connection request to the user. Once the request has been accepted, you have access to their contact information including their emails, their social media accounts that they've linked to their profile and if the person has a website or blog, that too will be accessible.

click contact info linkedin
profile contact info linkedin

In the past, the manual method would have been the easiest way to get a prospects email address hassle free as they were made public. Unfortunately, this isn't the case anymore due to privacy settings. As such, their email address won't be accessible just because you've sent them a connect.

Luckily for you, there is a way around this. Let's say your prospect is a digital marketer or is on the hunt for jobs, they might have a website for potential clients and future employers to access their work, services and you guessed it contact information.

Meaning through LinkedIn search you can go to their website and get their email addresses. The manual method is effective, but it does call for a little bit more patience than the rest as it is a painstaking process.

LinkedIn email finder

You don't need to connect with someone to gain access to their contact information as in the case of manual methods. And if you want to find emails from Linkedin in bulk then email finder tools are your best bet.

These tools are designed to help you find prospects on LinkedIn and extract some even go as far as extracting phone numbers as well.Here are five of the best email extractor tools for LinkedIn. One of these tools is Spylead.


Spylead is one of the biggest email finders out there. With over 750 million contacts in their database, finding prospects will be a piece of cake. The API consists of a fast finder which helps you find email addresses of businesses on LinkedIn within seconds.

Businesses can use Spylead’s features on a single subscription, no need for individual subscription or access. You can also connect Spylead with your favorite automation tool for ease in navigation.

You'll have all your connections appear on a single dashboard and you can monitor leads progression on the go. Spylead uses a chrome extension to help you scrape email addresses in bulk or manually on LinkedIn.

Key features
  • Fast finder helps you find emails anywhere. Finding an email on LinkedIn takes less than five seconds and you can  scrape up to 100 results
  • The bulk email search can allow you to scrape over a thousand emails in just a few minutes.
  • Cold outreach sequence helps you to send automated emails to your new contacts.
  • Spylead is the fastest and most efficient way to find emails on LinkedIn 
  • It has a user friendly interface
  • Team collaboration allows multiple users to  share one subscription
  • Scrape up to thousands of connections on LinkedIn within seconds 
  • You can connect Spylead with your favorite automation tool 
  • Bulk extraction doesn't help you verify what email address is your target and which is a dead end. However, scraping emails individually can help you in narrowing them down.

How to use spylead to get contact information from Linkedin without connection 

Spylead has a simple user interface that allows you to easily get an account and start extracting contact information on LinkedIn. Here's how you can use spylead to get contact information from Linkedin even if you don't have a connection:

  • After downloading the chrome extension, type in a keyword in the search bar . It can be the name of your prospects or their company for example if your prospects work at a specific company, it can be "keyword+company name"
  •  Hit the search icon. 
  • Give a name to your campaign. For easier reference, it can be the name of your keyword. 
  • Choose the number of results you want to scrape
  • Press "Start bulk"
  • After a few seconds, you have your results.
make a search on linkedin
open spylead chrome extension
click on spylead bulk
set up your bulk linkedin
access bulk results

Now while the "Bulk method" is great and it allows you to scrape multiple email addresses at once, you can't distinguish which email address is your target. The manual method will work best to help you narrow down your results.

You can do this by scanning the results one at a time to make sure they're a good match for your business. You can do this by opening the chrome spylead extension and clicking the (+) button any time you discover an email.It's a time consuming process but it's effective in the long run.

Final thoughts 

This article is proof enough that finding your prospects' information on LinkedIn is very possible and doable with or without a connection. You can use any of the methods to gain access to their email address or even their phone numbers.

Although manual methods are the easiest and most straightforward ways to get contact information, they're not guaranteed, especially when you consider the variables (privacy settings etc). Using the LinkedIn email finder software like spylead or an automated tool is best especially when you consider usability and interface.