[TUTO] Find the emails of event's attendees from Linkedin

In this article, we will use a case study to explain how to use Spylead in a concrete and real situation.


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Case study

Create a Spylead account (20 free credits!)
● Download the chrome extension
● Pin the chrome extension on your browser (need help, check our tuto here!)
● Open LinkedIn

So let's take my personal case. I founded Spylead, and now it's time to find new customers. To do this, I need to target the communities or events where my potential customers are active.

And for that, what better way than to join a LinkedIn event specialized in B2B Growth?

Usually, the people who join the events are active members, who will most likely be receptive to the emails I send them! So more chances that they will become customers, and that Spylead will interest them

So the goal here is to join a LinkedIn event where there are potential customers, to get their emails, and introduce them to my offer within the email marketing campaign.

To summarize we will:
● Find a LinkedIn event
● Join the event
● Scrape the emails and info of the attendees of the event with Spylead

Let's get into the tutorial

Target an event, or type a keyword to find an event

To start, I'll type a keyword into the LinkedIn search bar. In my case, the people I'm targeting work for B2B companies, specifically in growth. So I type in B2B growth, and select "Events".

It's a good thing! An event is scheduled in December, it's the B2B growth summit 2022.
So I click on the result!

Register for the event

Once you have an event where many targeted prospects are participating, in order to have access to the list of participants, you must register.
Click on "register".

Register to a LinkedIn Event

Access the list of attendees

Once you have clicked on Register, you now have access to the list of participants by clicking as below.

Here, more than 2700 participants, that's potentially 2700 prospects for whom I will find the email and that I can contact!

Access the list of participants

Once you have clicked here, you have two options to find the emails.

● Option 1: Manual

● Option 2: In bulk mode!

If you don't have time and want to do it (very quickly), you can go to option 2 directly!

Option 1: Search for emails manually

The manual option is time consuming, but it allows you to select leads individually to make sure they are a good match for your target, and your goal!

To start finding emails, simply open the chrome Spylead extension, and click the (+) button each time you want to discover an email.

You can also click on the checkbox to select all leads and find all emails at once.

Each time an email is found, all contact information is sent to the selected list.

So if you really want to organize your LinkedIn scrape, you can create a list with the name of the event beforehand. In this case, I could call the list B2B Growth Summit, so all the leads that will be in this list, are the participants of the event.

Option 2 : Search for emails in bulk mode

The bulk email search allows you to scrape up to 1000 emails in a few minutes. On average Spylead scrapes 100 profiles every 30 seconds!

This is the fastest and most efficient way to find contacts' emails on LinkedIn.

Click on “bulk” button

Once you have opened the chrome extension, then click on the "Bulk" button at the top right.

Set up bulk mode in 5 seconds

Once you click on the "bulk" button you are redirected to the Bulk configuration page.

First of all, you can't have more than 100 pages of results on LinkedIn, and there are 10 profiles per page. You will be able to scrape 1000 profiles.

How do I set up my bulk?
Choose 1 in "start page if you want to scrape from the first profile in the list.
Choose 100 in "page count if you want to scrape all 1000 people.
Select a list. In our case, it is wise to create a list with the name of the event. To do this, before launching the bulk you can click on "create new list".

Once you have completed these steps, you can click on "Start Bulk".

Set up your bulk

Access your bulk results

Once you click on the "Bulk" button, a page specific to your bulk will open, and the results will be saved in the campaign you created, and they will be automatically added to your list.

The leads will gradually appear in your campaign, and you will have all the information corresponding to each profile.

What to do once you've scraped the emails?

Once you have scraped the emails, you can set up your cold outreach sequence! The cool thing about Spylead is that it scrapes a lot of information (more than 15 per lead) like skills, current company.... So you can really personalize your email.

To maximize your open rate, here are some hacks:

● In the subject line, put "Like you, I participate to B2B growth event". You got it, put the name of the event in the subject line. The person will feel concerned, and is more likely to open your email
● Personalize the body of the email. Use the contact information that is available in Spylead to create a targeted message that your prospect will not forget


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