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Find Linkedin Profiles On Google In Two Easy Steps

Check out our tricks to find a LinkedIn profile URL with a simple Google search!

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June 17, 2024


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Linkedin profiles are one of the most searched sites on the internet. Considering the value that this software application offers to most users, this is no surprise. Whatever sphere of influence you occupy, you must have looked up one or two Linkedin profiles on google. Else, you won’t be reading this article.

All site pages are being indexed by google, including Linkedin. This means that you can easily find Linkedin profiles on google. However, it is not enough to know that Linkedin profiles are searchable on the internet. You also need to know how to search for them. In this article, I have written two easy steps to take in finding a Linkedin profile on google. 

How Can I Find A Linkedin Profile On Google?

If this is your question, read the rest of this article to find answers. I have written down two different methods you can take to get the same result. What makes these methods stand out is that they do not take time. They are quick and of high relevance. You can take any of these steps to find a LinkedIn profile on google. 

Step One: Type The Name Of The Contact On Google

It is old news that almost every business owner or sales agent has a Linkedin account. In fact, in this modern world, finding a person who doesn’t have a Linkedin account is difficult, and this makes your search even more accessible.The simplest way to find a Linkedin profile on google is by imputing the contact’s name, as shown below.

Find linkedin profile from a google search

Step Two: Use Boolean Search On Google To Find Linkedin Profiles

In simple terms, a boolean expression is used in programming languages. Boolean searches allow you to combine phrases and words to broaden or define your search. 

The programming languages used in boolean searches are; AND, OR, NOT, etc., and they have different meanings. For example, OR is used to search for at least one keyword in a list.

Let’s make a search on google using this boolean expression. We are going to look for the head of marketing and head of sales in the agricultural industry. The format on google would be

  • ‘Head of Sales’ OR ‘Head of Marketing’ AND agriculture 

Let’s apply this to google search.

Use Boolean Search On Google To Find Linkedin Profiles

You can see from the image above that this search produced one result, as was expected.

How To Extract Google Search Results

If you are interested in finding Linkedin profiles on google, you may want to use them to generate leads. Either as a marketer or a salesperson. Whichever the case, this portion of my article will prove to be helpful.

There are various tools online for scraping emails from Linkedin, google maps, and search engines. However, I recommend using Spylead with the google SERP email and data scraper as it not only allows scraping off emails but also other data and information on your target contacts.

Information like phone number, birth date, gender, position and job title, company details, education, location, skill, and so on. With these, you are sure not to miss a single detail about your leads.

Demerits Of Searching For Linkedin Profiles On Google

The major limitation of using google search for Linkedin profiles is the filtering. Boolean searches are helpful, but they filter on specific criteria like company size, years of experience, company industry, etc. Hence, a LinkedIn sales navigator is essential when looking to build qualified lead lists.

With the spy lead and LinkedIn sales navigator, you can extract over two thousand leads daily. This tool also automatically converts the sales navigator URLs into LinkedIn URLs, giving you a clean list of Linkedin profiles.


As a result of the Linkedin search limit, many people have taken to using google instead. This method has proven to be helpful. However, for more precision, a sales navigator is preferable.