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Dec 13, 2023

Fastest Method To Get 50 Followers on Twitch Fast

This guide reveals effective strategies to rapidly gain 50 Twitch followers, essential for attaining affiliate status. It covers purchasing followers from reputable sources like GrowthMount and implementing organic growth tactics such as using social media, scheduling streams, engaging with viewers, hosting giveaways, and collaborating with other streamers to boost visibility and reach.

Fastest Method To Get 50 Followers on Twitch Fast

You’ve started streaming on Twitch but you’re eager to cross the benchmark of 50 followers to achieve that Twitch affiliate status. While growth takes consistency and hard work, there are strategic approaches that you can take to increase your growth rate.

From organic ways to paid ways, I’m gonna shed light on every method that is safe and effective to get 50 followers on Twitch. So, without delaying any further. Let’s dig in!

Buying Twitch followers is the fastest way to get 50 followers. It can help you become a Twitch affiliate with just a single purchase. You can find multiple platforms selling Twitch followers but you must only buy from trusted service providers. GrowthMount is the best platform to buy Twitch followers to achieve Twitch affiliate status as they provide real Twitch followers, eliminating any risk that comes from buying followers.

According to Twitch’s terms of service, it is prohibited to buy Twitch followers if they’re fake. The word “fake” refers to the kind of followers that are generated artificially using bots.

Platforms like GrowthMount adhere to Twitch’s policies and provide you with stable and genuine followers backed up by real Twitch profiles. Visit their site website and check out their budget-friendly Twitch affiliate packages now!

Organic Ways to Get 50 Followers on Twitch Fast

Reaching 50 followers milestone isn’t just hitting a 50-word count; it’s your path to monetize your content and start making money on Twitch. Affiliate status allows you to open multiple earning streams. Let’s have a look at the tips and tricks that would help you achieve this milestone as quickly as possible!

Use Your Social Media Accounts

Be it your WhatsApp, Snapchat, or Instagram. Just share your Twitch profile links with your family and friends groups. Ask your loved ones to drop you a follow. Be it your colleagues, your gamer friends, or your family. This method could help you get super close to 50 followers in no time.

Utilise Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat stories to aware everyone on your list to follow you. You can also drop individual DMs to ask them.

It's crucial to understand that not everyone will respond positively; it may be annoying for some friends. However, you can be confident that your close friends will follow you this way.

Set a Streaming Schedule

It’s crucial to set up a streaming schedule that is realistic enough so that you can stick to it for years. This helps your audience to know your streaming hours so you can catch maximum viewership. It’s one of the most important things to achieve your 50 followers milestone.

Always align your streaming schedule with golden hours. Golden hours refer to the time when you may experience maximum viewership. It’s evening time as most of the people are done from work and school.

Actively Engage With Your Viewers

Crossing the 50 followers milestone starts with active engagement. The way you greet your new viewers and respond to their queries or opinions helps you establish a relationship with your viewers.

As a new streamer, you must create an environment where everyone feels appreciated to put their opinion in front of others. Try responding to viewers by calling out their names to develop a friendly bond.

Host Giveaways Frequently

It may sound odd but it’s one of the smartest approaches to achieve first 50 followers. You can play custom gamers or organize other fun activities to give away digital cards or subscriptions to your viewers.

You can encourage your viewers or participants to follow your channel for a chance to win, the excitement and urgency of these giveaways helps you boost your follower count.

Collaborate with Other Streamers

Networking with other streamers who are doing better than you always helps you grow. Collaborate with streamers who create content similar to yours. Try playing duo games with them, it will help you expand your reach. You could attract their followers and potential collaborators, maximizing your advantages.

Reddit and other social media-operated Twitch communities are another great source to maximize your networking. Always hunt the potential collaborations.

Optimize Your Twitch Profile and Streaming Setup

Your Twitch profile and streaming layout serve as your digital identity. A profile and streaming setup that aligns with your niche and personality can make a significant impact in attracting more people to your content.

Eye-catching lights, wallpapers, top-notch webcam, and microphone are a few essentials that help you improve your overall persona and have a better impact on your viewers.

Your streaming thumbnail and bio also create a difference. Always design these details by putting yourself in a viewer's place and then evaluate if you’d get attracted to such content.


Crossing the first 50 followers milestone could be challenging if you lack the right approach. Consider choosing reliable platforms such as GrowthMount to attain Twitch affiliate status. From there, let your dedication and efforts drive your progress.

Hopefully, this detailed guide will help you achieve your goals in no time. Here’s to your first 50 followers and the beginning of endless growth in your streaming journey!

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