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Every business person receives cold emails. These cold emails are often very poor and do not yield the desired results. They are usually automated and rarely include any form of customization or personalization. Although sending cold emails has become more common in recent years, many people still do not know how to write an effective cold email.

We believe that cold emails do not have to suck. They are not required to be deleted, unsubscribed from, or labeled as spam or to respond with THIS IS SPAM. REMOVE ME FROM YOUR LIST IMMEDIATELY! 

As a result, this article will show you the best ways to write a compelling cold email and some best cold email examples.

6 Excellent Cold Email Examples

We've compiled a list of six of the most incredibly compelling, guaranteed-to-hook-you-in, so good you'll want to steal them emails. Examples will undoubtedly elicit responses and, eventually, assist you in booking that elusive scheduled meeting.

These Cold emails are so fantastic that you might want to steal them. In this scenario, yes. Here are six of our favorite instances of cold emails.

Cold Email Examples #1: Make it more about your prospect than yourself or your product

Most sellers and marketers have minimal expertise with email marketing and may be inclined to begin their emails by talking about themselves, but this is incorrect.

Examples of such self-centered or product-focused emails begin in this manner. "Let me tell you how fantastic I... my stuff is..." Then comes the feature dump. This is something we do. We are unrivaled. Here are a few examples of our logos. Read what our clients have to say about us. 'Blah, blah, blah.'

Your buyer tunes out when you start talking about yourself/your firm and how awesome you are. In email parlance, this indicates they deleted your message. Worse yet, designate it as spam. Worse yet? Your name or your organization's name may leave a terrible taste. First impressions are essential.

Cold email example

Let us show you what a great cold email should look like. Let’s say you are sending a cold email to Mr. Kelvin. Here’s how you can send your message across. 

"SUBJECT LINE: Concerning Giving vs. Taking / Problem Solver vs. Product Pusher.

Hello, Kevin,

I read your recent LinkedIn article, The 4:1 Give-Get Sales Formula, and as a reasonably new AE, it was excellent advice to keep in mind as I begin and advance my sales career.

It also feels a little hypocritical of me to reach out to you after downloading some of Spylead's content to earn some time with you.

However, given your passion for assisting clients in solving problems rather than pushing products or your agenda/interests, I imagine you're coaching your reps to do the same. And my intuition tells me there'd be valuable insights in learning where you can help improve how your reps interact with clients and generate revenue.

Do you want to go deeper? (I guarantee I'm not taking and faking you here; I'm simply really interested in knowing more about your company and how we can assist you.)

Best wishes,

Melvin (Your Name) "

Lessons learned from Melvin’s cold email: 

  1. It starts by personalizing the email to the buyer, NOT Spylead (his company) or Revenue Intelligence (the product).
  2. "Go for No,"  Pattern interrupts. (A pattern interrupt is something unexpected that “scrambles” your prospect’s brain. Something totally unlike the typical “have I caught you at a good time?” they usually get it from the average cold caller.)
  3. Continues with more buyer material (taken directly from his LinkedIn bio), followed by how Spylead can help address the problem - free of marketing/corp lingo and product features/pitches.
  4.  A non-threatening (warm) call to action – the Interest CTA! 

To achieve Melvin's results and convert your prospects with cold emails, spend 5 minutes on LinkedIn learning everything you need to know about what makes your prospect tick.

What's more, guess what? Your cold email will be perceived as unique and genuine by your prospect. After gathering the information, you can weave it into the story to lead back to your potential answer. This method always feels natural and works.

Cold Email Examples #2: Take the Time to Personalize It

  • "A person's name is the sweetest, most important sound in any language to that individual." Remembering the names of clients, prospects, networking contacts, and coworkers is vital to your professional success.

What else is essential?

  • Include the phrase "snowboarding" in the subject line of your cold email (assuming the person you are sending it to loves to snowboard).
  • Continuing to include snowboarding (the buyer's particular hobby) throughout the email — value prop and CTA

That is precisely what this cold email example is all about. According to the recipient, the following is what the example performed exceptionally well:

  1. Shredding Pow = Shredding quarterly projections? was used as an "irresistible topic line." Evan, it turns out, enjoys snowboarding. Wait. Madison, how did you find out about this personal fact? Okay, here's part of Evan's LinkedIn bio: "In my spare time, I like to travel, ski, and mountain bike." It just took 7 seconds to figure out.
  2. "As an active snowboarder and sales leader, you know that, unlike boarding, you can't always identify when an avalanche has occurred in one of your salespeople's calls/accounts." Isn't it enough to keep him reading? Also, additional snowboarding themes.
  3. "And again, having just come from the Enterprise Account sector myself, I know how crucial it is to ensure you aren't squandering your only shot with these large-ticket accounts," she says. Madison exhibits her comprehension of Evan's actions.
  4. More snowboarding in the value proposition + CTA: "... email results so you can teach your reps when they wipe out..." + "If yes, would you be interested in learning more about how we help inside sales executives... shred their way to more closed deals?"

Cold Email Examples #3: Make use of the law of reciprocity (and pinatas)

Dr. Robert Cialdini, called "The Godfather of Influence," published his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion in 1984. This New York Times Best Seller discusses six "Principles of Persuasion," one of which is reciprocity.

"Simply put," explains Dr. Cialdini, "people feel obligated to give back to others in the form of a behavior, gift, or service that they have first received." This is the Reciprocity Law.

Dr. Cialdini believes the key is to "be the first to offer and to guarantee that what you give is customized and unexpected."

Cold email example

With the law of reciprocity in mind, here is how you can nail it in your following cold email. Let’s look at this example below.

SUBJECT LINE: Your USPS Delivery: Piata

Hello, Drew.

Your gift was delivered today, according to USPS. Is it there? I noticed you've been traveling recently, so I'm hoping it made its way to the family.

I decided to "take a swing" at capturing your attention by sending a piata in exchange for 15 minutes of your time. I hope you (or the girls) enjoy the candy, even if the gesture is a little cheesy.

I know you follow us on Linkedin, that you were targeted while at Actsoft, and that Dean stated you were familiar with what we do. But so much has happened since then, and we'd love to connect for a purely educational conversation so that when budgeting season arrives, you have a better sense of what we'd be able to contribute to NCC.

So, are you willing to set aside some time next week?



Here is what Melvin did with near perfection: 

  1. HE SNAIL-MAILED DREW A PIÑATA! End of story. According to the Law of Reciprocity, "being the first to give and ensuring that what you provide is customized and unexpected." Who's the first to give? Check. Unexpected? 
  2. Personalized the email: "I saw that you've been traveling recently, so I hope it finds its way to the family at least...," I said in the email. Even if it's a little cheesy, I hope you (or the gals) like the candy:)" Sam performed admirably in three areas. First, he recognized Drew's absence, remarked on the "corniness" of the gesture, and acknowledged his girls. These details about Drew are easily accessible by reviewing his LinkedIn page.
  3. Melvin took a unique approach, writing, "I thought I'd "take a swing" at capturing your notice by sending a piata..." He included the pinata in the copy - "take a swing." Excellent work.
  4. "I know you follow us on Linkedin, were targeted while at Actsoft, and Dean stated you had a concept of what we do," he said. Investing time in learning about your prospect can pay off handsomely.
  5. Close softly: Rather than saying, "How about 5 p.m. on Friday?" Sam used a more interest-based CTA, "would you be open to setting aside some time next week?" Nice.

Cold Email Examples #4: Discover More About Your Prospects

The personalization strategy has been used in the preceding cold email samples.

This one falls under the topic of personalisation and "learn about your prospects," but it goes beyond basic LinkedIn research.

Melvin sent a fantastic cold email that piqued the recipient's interest. He discovered a little bit about her possibility by viewing some of her TikTok videos. Furthermore, he discovered a tidbit that would pique Amanda's interest there. Amanda recently acquired a new dog, a Goldendoodle puppy named Raider.

"Because I, too, am a doggo," the frigid email said, "I hope you can appreciate this analogy I drew for you." She then used dog terminology to describe what Amanda could accomplish with Spylead's services.

Wow. Isn't this the next level? In conclusion, ALWAYS TAKE THE TIME TO LEARN ABOUT YOUR PROSPECTS BEFORE CONTACTING THEM. You'll be more successful than throwing them into a sequence and hoping for the best."

Cold Email Examples #5: Send a Caricature and a Personalized Letter

Do you want to stand out? Observe what this cold email example did: Send the prospect a personalized letter and caricature. Let’s look at a possible scenario in this cold email example. 

While sending a caricature may seem out of character (and out of your skill set), it is not for Ben. Ben is good at sketching, according to his LinkedIn brief bio, "Sales during the week, Cartoonist on the weekends."

Check out what Ben sent Melvin after receiving the personalized letter and Caricature: 

“I appreciate the efforts of a business development rep; I was once one myself.  Call after call, rejection after rejection. Cold calling is HARD.  Despite the challenges, you have a breakthrough every once in a while!  Spylead BDR Melvin Braide sent me a personalized letter and caricature.  Melvin got the meeting!”

Ben's actions fall squarely under the categories of customization and the Law of Reciprocity. On the other hand, the TYPED, SNAIL-MAILED LETTER is a standout move.

Cold Email Examples #6: Donuts, Puns, and Persistence Win

This cold email example is like the last one (individual letter and caricature), but it is punnier.

Imagine Melvin as one of Spylead's Enterprise Sales Development reps, sending Sandra a personalized letter and a package of "frost your own" doughnuts. Sandra is also a "Mother of Dragons (i.e., three young, passionate sons)," a "lover of pets," and an "Orangetheory Fitness supporter & fanatic."

He did his research on LinkedIn. Interesting fact. Sandra, like Morgan, is a B1G alum (PSU), albeit she did not play offensive line, at least not that we know of.

Here is what Melvin’s letter said: 

"I donut want my message to get lost in your inbox. I hope you and your three dragons (boys) enjoy the sweets! I'd welcome the opportunity to show you how Spylead is the solution sales leaders use to create revenue and execute deals at scale reliably."


“Donut want my message…”

"Solution sales executives knead..."

Punny. Melvin, you're a master of puns.

But, aside from the personalized message (with puns) and the donuts, Melvin played the long game with his perseverance. We can see Melvin did his homework and will almost certainly get a meeting. He followed the breadcrumbs in Sandra's LinkedIn profile without speaking to her directly, and he tapped into what she cared MOST about in her life - her children.

He did not send her a gift card to Amazon. He didn't pay Khaleesi (from Game of Thrones) to send her a pre-recorded video using Cameo. Nor did he send her an OrangeTheory heartbeat monitor emblazoned with his company's branding. He just focused on what mattered to his prospect. 


For those prospecting ninjas out there trying to break through to your future buyers, be persistent, personable, purposeful, innovative, and patient. Apply these tips learned from this article and expect tremendous results in due time.

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