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Best Linkedin Email Finder Tool

Compare what are the best LinkedIn Email finder tools on the market

Best Linkedin Email Finder Tool

In recent times, LinkedIn has become one of the most used social media applications. A good reason for this would be because of the high rate of networking. Still, beyond that, this application is also suitable for marketing, promoting skill sets, gaining exposure, and sourcing useful information. 

You are likely to see a  lead’s personal information on their linkedIn profile page. This is a great place for most sales managers or marketers to extrapolate these data. However, with over 500 million users on LinkedIn, it may not be easy to pick these data individually. This is where the use of a LinkedIn email finder comes in handy. In this article, we'll be taking you through the best LinkedIn email finder tools.

What Is A Linkedin Email Finder Tool?

Like every other email finder, a LinkedIn email finder is a tool that enables you to gather email addresses from LinkedIn. The more information you collect, the more customized emails you can send, which is why this tool is very valuable. This tool can be very beneficial if you need to get in touch with someone for personal or professional reasons.

Top Linkedin Email Finder Tools In 2022

Spylead LinkedIn Email Finder

The Top LinkedIn email finder available is spylead. It is what you can refer to as an 'all-in-one' tool because it enables you to use any form of scraper. What makes it so beneficial is that you pay only one subscription for all these and have all your data in one location.

With the spylead LinkedIn email finder, you can scrape contact information in the background without opening the LinkedIn tab on your desktop. Compared to other LinkedIn email finders, spylead is the only tool that gives you unlimited access to any number of contacts daily.

LinkedIn email finder : Spylead is an email search engine, and with this tool, you can easily scrape emails from LinkedIn profiles. With this tool, you can equally send email enrichment and drip campaigns. However, one downside to this tool is that the credits reset every month.

LinkedIn email finder : Email search Linkedin Email Finder is also another excellent LinkedIn email extractor. This tool is a chrome extension web application for cold outreach and contact management. Beyond that, it is a unique tool when it comes to generating leads. With's social URL search feature, you can find email addresses from social media applications.

It scrapes data quickly and saves time. However, the downside to this email finder tool is the expiration of credits in one month. In addition to this, this tool is expensive, and having to renew a subscription monthly may take a lot of work.

LinkedIn email finder : snovio Linkedin Email Finder is a tool that enables you to locate the B2B email addresses of contacts from websites and social media applications like LinkedIn. To help you find the verified email addresses of your leads, its web extension integrates with your sales navigator. You can either use this extension on chrome or firefox.

A significant advantage of using this email finder is its easy accessibility when enabling the browser extension. Additionally, this tool is free for 150 emails every month. However, with, you are bound to have a lower data accuracy than other LinkedIn email extractors. In addition, this tool's user interface is challenging for most users to understand.

Getprospect Linkedin Email Finder

Getprospect is another LinkedIn email finder with chrome extension features. Lead generation, searching for relevant candidates, and preparing cold emails, are some of the uses of this tool. In addition to that, it is a bulk email finder, and it gives free email verification.

On the other hand, using this email finder tool has some disadvantages, such as; negative customer care support and only seventy percent accuracy.

Apollo Linkedin Email Extractor

Similar to other LinkedIn email finders, helps you find emails and further contact details through their LinkedIn profiles. One great feature of this tool is that it saves leads and business profiles; also, it serves you multiple Gmail connections. Beyond finding LinkedIn emails, offers you an option to call the contact directly. 

However, one of the downsides to using this tool is its high pricing. Some customers have also complained that changes the credit limits for purchased plans without prior notice. is a tool for B2B prospecting and lead generation. With more than 250,000 users and 100 million business connections, this application offers simple filtering and a superior B2B database. It can also be integrated with the top chrome extensions. This LinkedIn email finder is easy to use and offers tutorials for its users to help you further.

Furthermore, it enables you to track emails for follow-up purposes and has a free plan. Some downsides to this tool are;

  1. It sometimes gets blocked by LinkedIn for unknown reasons.
  2. Its email tracking has great room for improvement
  3. Sometimes this tool stops working

Aeroleads Linkedin Email Finder

Aero leads is a prospect generation tool for locating the emails and other contact details of people and organizations on LinkedIn. With the help of this tool, you can transfer the collected data to other chrome extensions and marketing software.

This email finder is easy to use and provides excellent customer support. However, it lags sometimes and takes a while to process. Like most email finders, aeroleads are also costly to purchase. Finally, this tool does not allow you to organize leads on the list.  


SalesQL Linkedin Email Finder

SalesQL is a LinkedIn email scraper that assists in discovering personal and professional email addresses and phone numbers. With this tool, you can find these details on first, second, and third-level LinkedIn connections. This tool can automatically validate and categorize emails and phone numbers.

SalesQL has an uncomplicated interface, and it loads fast. You are assured of a high percentage of accuracy with this tool. However, its email validation feature requires improvement, and some emails gotten with this tool are outdated.


Wiza Linkedin Email Finder And Extractor

Wiza is a LinkedIn email finder and extractor that enables you to create verified emails for outreach from any LinkedIn sales navigator search. The best feature of this tool is that it has a perpetually free 'pay-as-you-go model. However, it goes without saying that the free plan has fewer features.

Why Is Spylead LinkedIn Email Finder The Best?

Scrape In Background

With the spylead tool, you can scrape emails and launch as many bulks as possible without opening any LinkedIn tab in the background.

Scrape Without Limits

Unlike other email finding tools, which exercise restraints on the number of emails you can scrape daily, spylead is different. Because scraping is done with spylead cookie banks, you do not have any risk of restriction. This means that you can scrape as many emails as possible in a day. 

Single Subscription

Compared to other email-finding tools, spylead provides more value at a lower cost. With spylead, you do not have to pay for different subscriptions; payment for one tool does everything you need.

Zero Interference

The use of other tools such as,, etc is unaffected by spylead.

Scrape Valuable Information 

With the spylead LinkedIn email finder, you can extract more than just the email address of your leads. Other personal information like phone number, job title and position, past company, education, location, birthday date, etc can be extracted. 

Available Features In Spylead’s LinkedIn Email Finding Tool 

LinkedIn Finder

Just as its name implies, spylead has a LinkedIn email finder feature. What makes this tool unique is the various forms in which you can browse through LinkedIn to find these emails. They include; profile, my network, result page, company page, and groups. Through these pages, you can find personal and business emails of the essential leads to you and save them.

Search Engine Extractor

Using spylead's search engine scraper tool, you can scrape emails and data based on a keyword, location, and device. This range of options makes spylead one of the leading search engine tools.

Additionally, the scraped data includes the following: meta title, meta descriptions, social URLs, website URL, ranking, and all emails found on the website. The user interface of this search engine is easy to use, and its data has a high percentage accuracy.

Email Finder

An additional feature of the spylead tool is the email finder. You can find their verified email with only the name of your lead and the company they work for. Also, you can get more data on your lead using the email finder. These include a trust score, gender, contact's job, LinkedIn profile, skills, company information, and so on.

Email Verifier

Numerous emails on your database are only helpful if your contacts receive your messages. With spylead email verifier, you can verify email lists and check your email list's deliverability. In addition to that, you can also get the trust score result and other valuable data from the email. 

Email verification entails determining whether the domain name is valid, the email server is set up correctly, and whether the server will accept the provided addresses.

Lead Management Dashboard

With your lead management dashboard, you can manage your contacts in lists and easily access their company or personal information. The accuracy of these data will help you make effective decisions where your contact is concerned. 

Final Words 

In conclusion, finding linkedIn emails is important and of high value. Using the right tools like spylead will help make your work easier and more efficient. You should check it out sometime. 

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