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How does Spylead compare with Wiza? What is the best email finder for LinkedIn? What is the best alternative to Wiza? Discover why Spylead is an amazing alternative to Wiza email finder.

Wiza alternative - meet Spylead

We love Getprospect email finder was founded by two entrepreneurs, Joris and Maxim. The company provides a service that helps people find the email addresses of people they want.
The company has a search engine that allows users to enter a name and location, and the search engine will return a list of email addresses that match the criteria. Wiza also offers a subscription service that gives users access to additional features, such as the ability to search for multiple people at once and to receive updates when new email addresses are added to the database.
Nevertheless, the data retrieved by Wiza Email finder are not fully accurate, and they come with an expensive offer for anyone wanting to find emails.
That's why Spylead - Email finder is a great alternative to Wiza for your LinkedIn prospecting.

What's the difference between Getprospect and Spylead?


Spylead gives truly verified emails

Our built-in email verification system ensures you'll never have to worry about whether your email gets delivered. All emails in our database are 100% verified, so you won't receive a bounce back when you send emails.

Cost 2X less for better results!

Many peoples have seen that Spylead is much better than because it's easier to find contact information. Plus, all of our data and emails are always up-to-date.

Spylead gives personal and business emails

At Spylead, we make it easy for you to contact your leads no matter what market they're in: B2B or B2C. You can reach them by email on their work and personal emails.

Spylead scrape 1000 contacts in 10 minutes

We built Spylead so you can find great prospects on LinkedIn and skip the hard work. It typically takes 2 hours to scrape 1000 contacts with Wiza, but with Spylead it'll only take 10 minutes.

Compare by yourself

Features and key points
Spylead logo csv
Wiza Logo
Scrape duration for 100 leads
45 seconds
15 minutes
Run in background
Run multiple bulk at the same time
Emoji automated cleaner
Gender detection
Extract all company data for each contact
Extract all contact details from the profile
Provide 100% verified emails
Find personal emails and phone
Find email from LinkedIn profile URL
Sales navigator compatible
Find emails from an event
Find emails from a group
Find emails from an employees page
Extra Features
Spylead logo csv
Wiza Logo
Email finder from name, last name and domain
Integration with Zapier
Email finder in bulk with CSV upload

See how Spylead works on LinkedIn

Learn Spylead with our tutorial and case studies and become a prospecting rockstar 🚀

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Why should you try Spylead (it's free!)

When it comes to generating leads, you need the right tool. That's why you should try Spylead, the best alternative to Wiza. We guarantee up-to-date data and verified emails.

Quickly scrape LinkedIn without the LinkedIn tab opened.

Are you tired of turning pages by hand to scrape contacts on LinkedIn or leaving the LinkedIn window open?

That's a thing of the past.

Spylead allows you to scan an unlimited number of contacts without leaving the LinkedIn window open.

Your prospecting will take less time, and you will get much more results. Choosing Spylead is choosing productivity 🤩

With Spylead, never get your LinkedIn account restricted - Scrape with peace of mind
Wiza scrape LinkedIn alternative
Download data in csv Wiza vs spylead

All the contacts are saved in a list, and can be downloaded as CSV.

Get your data in order! All contacts scraped with the LinkedIn email finder are stored in lists that you can create over and over again. You can also download your data at any time, and apply conditional filters.

Conditional filtering is available to download highly targeted data that matches your business goals

100 contacts in less than 45 seconds.

Combine quantity, with quality, and speed. It's possible with Spylead!

From the chrome extension, you can launch your bulks and get your results in just a few minutes. All the while keeping your account secure and avoiding blocking.

Scrape more contacts and more data, in 10x less time.
Wiza vs Spylead lead management dashboard

They use Spylead daily  with 🧡

Discover why Spylead is the best alternative to the market leaders