Why Spylead is the best alternative to Evaboot ?

How does Spylead compare with Evaboot? What is the best email finder for LinkedIn? What is the best alternative to Evaboot? Discover why Spylead is an amazing alternative to Evaboot LinkedIn email finder.

Evaboot alternative - meet Spylead

We love Evaboot

Evaboot was created by two Frenchmen in 2021 and has established itself as a reliable tool to scrape Sales navigator. With Evaboot you can find emails and extract data from a LinkedIn search using their Chrome extension.
However, the tool only works on Sales Navigator, which requires you to purchase a plan from LinkedIn, which can be very expensive. For this, there are alternatives to Evaboot such as Spylead that allow you to retrieve emails from the LinkedIn standard version and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
It is therefore important to have a tool that covers all platforms. It also allows you to check the deliverability of the scraped emails with high reliability to keep your sender's reputation safe.  This is why Spylead is a good alternative to Evaboot.

What's the difference between Evaboot and Spylead?


Spylead gives you 2x more informations

This is a major difference between Evaboot and Spylead. Cold outreach is unforgiving, and requires personalized emails if you want answers. Spylead gives you all the information you need for a successful cold outreach campaign

Spylead works on LinkedIn basic and Sales Navigator

Having a tool that covers all your needs, in a single subscription is ultra-important to optimize your costs. Spylead works on all LinkedIn search pages.

Spylead gives personal and business emails

Whether you are targeting a B2B or B2C market, Spylead gives you the possibility to contact your leads on business and personal email addresses

Spylead scrape 1000 contacts in ten minutes

Don't spend hours scraping contacts from LinkedIn. Evaboot takes on average 5 hours to scrape 1000 contacts, it takes 10 minutes with Spylead

Compare by yourself

Features and key points
Spylead logo csv
Evaboot Logo
Scrape duration for 100 leads
45 seconds
5 minute
Run in background
Run multiple bulk at the same time
Emoji automated cleaner
Gender detection
Extract all company data for each contact
Extract all contact details from the profile
Provide 100% verified emails
Find personal emails and phone
Find email from LinkedIn profile URL
Sales navigator compatible
Find emails from an event
Find emails from a group
Find emails from an employees page
Extra Features
Spylead logo csv
Evaboot logo
Email finder from name, last name and domain
Integration with Zapier
Email finder in bulk with CSV upload

See how Spylead works on LinkedIn

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Why should you try Spylead (it's free!)

When it comes to optimizing your lead generation, it is important to have a good tool that covers all your needs. That's why you should try Spylead, the best alternative to Evaboot;
We guarantee you up-to-date data, and truly verified emails

Launch several bulks at the same time.

With the help of bulk scraping, you can easily get a lot of contact info at once in just a few seconds. LinkedIn is accessed using a chrome extension and, and you can perform multiple scrapes simultaneously without waiting for each one to finish.

You can scape the emails and data of an unlimited number of contacts as Spylead uses a bank of cookies to keep your LinkedIn account secure

With Spylead, never get your LinkedIn account restricted - Scrape with peace of mind
Evaboot scrape LinkedIn alternative
Download data in csv evaboot vs spylead

All the contacts are saved in a list, and can be downloaded as CSV.

All contacts you scrape with the Spylead chrome extension from LinkedIn are saved on your dashboard, and can be sorted into custom lists.

You can also download all the data as a CSV file, and sort the data by applying advanced filters.

Conditional filtering is available to download highly targeted data that matches your business goals

100 contacts in less than 45 seconds.

On most LinkedIn email finder like Evaboot, you first have to export the results of a LinkedIn search, then in a second step find the emails.

Whereas with Spylead, you directly scrape the results and we find the emails at the same time. This makes the scraping time very short, and more efficient!

Scrape more contacts and more data, in 10x less time.
Evaboot vs Spylead lead management dashboard

They use Spylead daily  with 🧡

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