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Are you looking for trusted Residential IPs in top countries? Would you like to use your Proxy on multiple devices? Do you need safe and customized web scraping in 250+ global locations? Welcome to #Infatica - a world of protected Proxy networks giving access to 10+ million Residential IP addresses around international ISPs for your business growth! is a Singapore-based company that offers a wide range of Proxy support for Residential and Mobile needs and advanced Web Scraping services through a global peer-to-business proxy network to give its clients access to a pool of millions of proxies and IPs in 250+ locations, customized Proxy packages, and a feature-rich dashboard. Our wide pool of IP addresses, personalized proxy packaging, and highly-ethical work process are some of the benefits our clients get from our services when starting a Free Trial with no payment obligation: - Residential Proxy for PPC quality control and localized search; - Mobile Proxies for perfect anonymity and international mobile operators; - Secured Web Scraping on platforms like YouTube, TripAdvisor, Google Play, and Baidu; - Customized dashboard creations and flexible pricing plan development; - IT department and cybersecurity optimization and more. Start with a Free Trial today with no obligations at to unleash all your network potential. We accept PayPal, cryptocurrency, and payment cards while offering 24 hours refunds. Learn more about the Proxy packages at

  • Fantastic proxies with responsive and helpful support team.

  • High-quality mobile proxies with great technical support and cost-effective pricing for higher traffic usage.

  • Poor communication during planned upgrade caused service disruptions and lack of transparency.

  • Misleading free plan, automatic subscription, unclear traffic limit, difficult refund policy, scammy behavior.

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