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Email Finder Tools

Comparison of all the email finder on the market

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June 17, 2024


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An email finder is a tool that allows you to collect email addresses from a variety of sources. LinkedIn is one of the most popular sources for email finders. You can use a LinkedIn email finder to collect email addresses from LinkedIn profiles. The more data you collect, the more you can create personalized emails.

It’s also a specific type of tool that helps you locate someone's email address. This can be extremely helpful if you're trying to get in touch with someone for business or personal reasons. Email finders work by combing through publicly available data to find any instances of the person's email address. This can include things like social media profiles, public records, and other online sources.

So, here are some of the top email finder software along with their features, and these come from both paid and free versions. Let’s start to find your tools.

The top email finder tool - Rankings

Spylead - Email finder

Spylead - Email finder

Spylead is the best email finder on the market. It is what we call an "all-in-one" tool, it allows you to pay only one subscription and have all your data in one place - while using any type of scraper among which are, by far, the best.

For example, the LinkedIn email finder of Spylead allows you to scrape LinkedIn in the background (no need to have the LinkedIn tab open). And it allows to scrape emails without risk of blocking, and to scrape an unlimited number of contacts per day.
You can also find the emails from the LinkedIn profile URLs

Free version : 25 credits for free renewed every month


  • LinkedIn and Sales Nav email finder (chrome extension)
  • Google maps scraper (Get lot of emails!)
  • Email finder from full name, or LinkedIn profile URL
  • Email Verifier - As accurate as NeverBounce or Emailable
  • SERP Email finder
  • Chrome extension

Why Spylead in top 1?

  • Scrape in background - Launch several bulk without having LinkedIn tab opened
  • Scrape without limits - The scrape is done with the Spylead cookie bank, not yours - so you don’t have risk of restriction
  • +15 data points for each contact - create highly personalized emails

Primary Stats

  • Four pricing plans are available 750 credits for $39.00, 4000 credits for $99, 10.000 credits for 199$ and 30.000 credits for 399$
  • Zapier Integration
  • More than 8 out of 10 contact’s email found


leadFuze homepage

This is the next email finder software that will allow third-party validation. There is no need to scrub the list here, and you don’t have to add your existing customers either.


  • Double verified emails are provided
  • Automatically find and build the mail list based on the assigned criteria
  • Sending added leads automatically for the third-party tools
  • Use a marker-based search and help users to target their leads
  • Finding specific people with key statistics as well as with account-based search

Primary Stats

  • Three pricing plans are available. 500 lead credits for $132.30 Starter plan, 2500 lead credits for $447.30 for Scaling plan and a customer plan
  • Salesforce, Salesflare, Hubspot and Zapier will be integrated.
  • Web apps are used as the integrating platform.


Hunter.io homepage

Hunter comes as one of the email finder tools in a free version and you can just type a company domain to find the emails you want. By this, you can have all the public email addresses that you are searching for that specific company on the screen.


  • Numerous possibilities are checked here and will provide the most common email format for the particular organization
  • Best accuracy and money can be saved here with built-in CRM features
  • Sources will be granted for the specific search results
  • A name which has type is enough to have the email address of that man in here
  • Profiles can be saved on leads to synchronize or export with CRM
  • Results generated can be exported to email marketing software
  • Allowing users to find share email lists from several users
  • With each email address, there will be public sources provided to know their specific discovery dates

Primary Stats

  • Five pricing plans are available per month. 25 searches in the free version, 500 searchers for $49 starter plan, 2500 searches for $99, 10000 searches for $199, and 30000 searches for $399.
  • Zapier, Salesforce, Hubspot and Pipedrive will be integrated here.
  • Chrome Extension and Web Apps are used as the integrating platforms.


clearout homepage

Clearout is an email finder tool that will help you gain assured results in building a powerful customer database. There are several methods used here to find email addresses. It might use the company domain, person name or company name.


  • Verifying the emails to see if it comes from a disposable email provider
  • It allows one to find all the email addresses, like sales, support or admin type, based on the roles from the list.
  • No compromising is needed to see if the email address is real or not here.
  • Typos and spelling errors will be defined from the email addresses.

Primary Stats

  • Four pricing plans are available: 3000 credits for $21, 10000 credits for $58, 100000 credits for $350 and 250000 credits for $625.
  • Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Zapier, HubSpot, Mailerlite, Salesforce and Mailchimp, and more will be integrated.
  • Web App will be used as the platform.


Uplead homepage

UpLead is a lead generation tool that can be used easily, and more than 56 million contracts can be browsed here. Then it will make you find more leads and filter them by using more than 50 criteria options. You can download these leads as bulk, and users can verify their emails in real time with UpLead. UpLead also can enrich your leads with more information.


  • Finding the best leads for the users
  • Taking phone numbers and Emails both from the contacts
  • You can take the mobile and direct dial the phone numbers here
  • Syncing leads for the CRM will eventually save a lot of time
  • Lead capturing is similar to browsing the web
  • Scaling the prospects with an API

Primary Stats

  • Four pricing plans are available here: 5 credits for the free plan, 170 monthly credits for $99 in Essential’s plan, 400 monthly credits for $199 in the Plus plan and 1000 monthly credits for $399 in the Professional’s plan.
  • HubSpot, Copper, Zoho, Pipedrive, Outreach and Zapier with 1500 more using will be integrated here.


Leadgibbon homepage

LeadGibbon is also one of the best email finder tools, which will allow you to find email addresses from LinkedIn.


  • Finding emails based on the industries and positions will further help a user to have their targeted Lead Database
  • Finding emails from LinkedIn through the Chrome Extension
  • Email enricher is there to find the emails based on the prospect lists
  • Finding emails based on domains and name
  • Only charges for valid email addresses

Primary Stats

  • Three pricing plans are available here 100 credits for $49 in a Basic plan, 5000 credits for #99 for a Pro plan and 20000 credits for a $199 Business plan. These are all monthly plans.
  • Slack Integration and Zapier will be integrated here.
  • Web App and the Chrome Extension will be used here as the platforms.


Snov io homepage

This is one of the best free email finder software, and it is very affordable for any. And this tool is known for its fast processing, and it is a package coming as a part of the all-in-one color outreach automation platform.


  • Comes with an API service to integrate all the email searches for CRM or for your app
  • Snov is capable of finding all the prospects of a profile like a name, location, social profile and information
  • You can export your prospects for a Google Sheet, XLSX or for a CSV here

Primary Stats

  • Six pricing plans are available here, and all are operating as monthly plans as Freemium plan with 50 credits, $33.5 for 1000 credits, $66.4 for 5000 credits, $141 for 20000 credits, #241.6 for 50000 credits and $482 credits for 100000 credits
  • API integration will be provided here
  • Chrome Extension and Web App will be used as the platforms.


Rocketreach homepage

This is one of the best yet free email finder software you can find on the market, and it will connect you with the best decision-makers. And it makes it easier for you than your competitors to find the best contacts.


  • Finding the real-time verified data from more than 17 million worldwide companies for more than 450 million professionals
  • Making people get with your business, pursuits or for clients by making it a powerful marketing
  • Gives the opportunity to make the right decisions and empowers the team to do it more

Primary Stats

  • Three pricing plans are available here: 1920 look-ups for $49, 4500 look-ups for $99 and 12000 look-ups for $249. These are all monthly plans
  • Zapier integration will be here.
  • Web App and Chrome Extension will be used as the platforms.


VoilaNorbet can easily find email addresses using domain names and first and last names. It can send some signals to the mail hosts, and then it will verify the email addresses.


  • Most qualified leads will be provided here.
  • Gives the chance to build links. Reach the blogs to contact authors for the users, and it can also give you the chance to spread the content.
  • Building most useful relationships by contracting persons according to their interests and by building lists
  • Can work with your existing software to help you integrate with the real-time findings for emails
  • Social media data results will be shown for the prospects.

Primary Stats

  • Five pricing plans are available with VoilaNorbert as free 50 leads, 1000 leads for $49.3, 5000 leads for $99, 15000 leads for $249, and 50000 leads for $499. Apart from the free plan, all the other plans are charging per month
  • Close.io, Zapier, Drip, Salesforce and ReplyApp.io will be integrated here.
  • Web App and Chrome Extension will be used as the platforms.


Aerolead homepage

This tool can allow you to find phone numbers along with emails from people and businesses. You can generate accurate and relevant leads in real time.


  • Finding the accurate corporate email addresses in a bulk
  • Availability from an online API
  • Import and export your data to a CSV
  • You can find your prospects from Angellist, LinkedIn, Xing, Crunchbase and more
  • You can have the full name, email, URL, phone number as well as the tile from your prospect with AeroLeads

Primary Stats

  • Four pricing plans are available here: 1000 credits for $49 in a Takeoff plan, 4000 for $149 in a Climb plan, 15000 for $499 in a Cruise plan, and an Enterprise plan. These all are operating per month.
  • Salesforce, PipeDrive, MailChimp, Zoho CRM, and many more will be integrated here.
  • Web App and the Chrome Extension will be the platforms used by AeroLeads.

Anymail Finder

Anymail finder homepage

This is an email finder tool that can help users to have qualified leads for their business. Anymail can search millions of websites, find their addresses and then have a direct server validation. You can use this as an API service or as a web.


  • Finding single or bulk mails depending on the domain, name and job title of the prospect
  • No uncertain emails, invalid, and duplicate mails are going to be charged by the tool
  • With an API, you will be able to access easily for the Anymail finder.

Primary Stats

  • There will be four pricing plans: 90 email addresses in a free plan, 1000 for $49.3, 5000 for $99.4 and 10000 for $149 in a monthly basic
  • LinkedIn, Gmail, Salesforce and API call-like apps will be integrated here.
  • Web App is the platform used by Anymail Finder.

Contact Out

Contactout homepage

Contact Out is another email finder tool that can provide you with the most accurate emails and can find the phone numbers along with them.


  • Saving LinkedIn leads to the dashboard
  • Finding the candidates directly with the use of the search portal of the tool
  • Reusable templates are there to find and send your emails while you are currently browsing LinkedIn.

Primary Stats

  • Four pricing plans are here $39 Basic, $79 Sales, $159 for Recruiter and a Team plan. Other than the Team plan, all the other plans are operating per month.
  • Zapier and LinkedIn will be integrated here.
  • Web App and Chrome Extension will be used as the platform.


Findemail homepage

This is a tool that has a primary orientation toward small businesses, and its algorithms crawl websites to verify their addresses in the best way.


  • Comes with contract scoring and a Chrome extension
  • Cheap
  • Give you the chance to buy curated lists from others
  • You can buy and sell the contact lists
  • Email finding, as well as verification, will be done here

Primary Stats

  • Three pricing plans are available: 1000 credits per month for $29 in the Basic plan, 2500 credits per month for $49 in the Better plan and 10000 credits per month for $99 in the Best plan.
  • Zapier will be integrated with FindEmails.
  • Chrome Extension and Web App will be used as the platforms.



There will be verified contacts in real time provided with this tool, and it is great as an email finder tool for sales professionals, recruiters and marketers. You can find both valid emails as well as phone numbers here.


  • A browser extension is there to connect with the most popular social networks
  • Can find emails in a bulk
  • Can search the location by postal code, state, city, area or by the country
  • Can explore with CRP with your conversations
  • Comes with the best reviews

Primary Stats

  • Four pricing plans are here: free five email credits, 350 email credits in a Lead Generation plan for $39, 100 phone credits with Phone Box plan for $39 and 100 contact credits in Recruiter Pro. These are all monthly plans.
  • Google Workspace. Sales Cloud, LinkedIn and etc. will be integrated.
  • Web apps and the Chrome extension will be used as the platforms.


Datanyze homepage

This is also a great email finder with the best efficiency, where you can build prospects with a highly targeted approach. You can also export your contacts here.


  • Finding and connecting new customers
  • Capturing data while you are still browsing the social media
  • You can have meaningful conversations here to lead sales
  • Can manage your contact lists and export them
  • Comes with the best plans
  • Comes with good reviews

Primary Stats

  • There will be two pricing plans Nyze Lite per month for 10 credits for free and 1080 credits for $39 per month with Nyze Pro.
  • HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Spreadsheets and Marketo will be integrated here.
  • Web App and Chrome Extension will be used as the platforms.


Findthatlead homepage

This is the last email finder tool on this list which can make you easily manage your email addresses. You can have emails based on the URLs here, and you can lead the search and domain search and find more new prospects with this tool.


  • Searching certain new leads
  • Verifying the contacts as well as emails within seconds
  • You can build a targeted campaign here and send it to the leads
  • Can leverage the social media
  • Finding the prospects with the best accuracy

Primary Stats

  • Three pricing plans are here: 500 credits for $49 in a Growth plan, 18000 credits for $150 in a Startup plan and 30000 for $399 in a Suite plan. All the plans are operated per month.
  • Zapier will be integrated here.
  • Web App and Chrome Extension will be the platforms for FindThatLead.


Email finders are a tool that can be used for sales prospecting. They allow you to find the email address of someone you want to contact, making it easier to connect with them. Email finders can be used to find both personal and business email addresses. They work by searching through public databases and websites to find the email address associated with a person or company. This can save you a lot of time and energy when trying to reach out to new prospects.

The most important thing is that you choose the most appropriate email finder for your needs!

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