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So much data?
Yes, it's Spylead.

The Spylead feature that allows you to scrape emails and extract information from websites is unique and easy to use. When creating your SERP project, you determine the keyword and location from which you want to retrieve the data and emails. After a few minutes, Spylead automatically creates a campaign page with all the information related to the scraped websites

Sign up - 250 free emails/month

Meta title

Extract the whole meta title of each website

Meta description

Extract from serp the meta description of each website


We scrape all website pages to find all emails. They can be verified with 99,9% accuracy.

Social networks

Extract all the socials network found from the website ranked in the keyword


Know the CMS, and if Google analytics, GTM, and Fb pixel is used on the website.

Website URL

Scrape the website domain
ranked on the keyword

Company name

Get the company name of each Google maps listing that are scraped

Phone number

Get the phone number of the website which are scraped

Results type

We inform you from where we found the data (paid or organic source)

Never lost the data you scrape again

All the data are saved into a clean campaign on your Spylead Dashboard.
Sort and download at any time!

Spylead plugin

  • Just a few words and let's go

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GET 25 credits/mo for free !

Sign up - 250 free emails/month

Spylead plugin

  • Just a few words and let's go

  • Manage your campaigns

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