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Email Hippo provides fast, accurate and secure email verification software, accessed via web app or API.Check a list of up to 500,000 emails, or use our API to screen emails in real time to prevent spam and service abuse. With our ASSESS product, anti-fraud teams can also detect fraud risks at the point of sign up - checking emails for common signs of compromise or malicious intent.Email Hippo has provided email verification since 2000 and became ISO27001 certified in 2017.#emailvalidation #emailverification #fraudprotection #emailsecurity #datasecurity #emailmarketing #databroker #softwaredevelopment #eCommerce #datacleansing

  • The tool provides email scoring and flexible pricing options for convenient use.

  • Effortlessly extract email lists from documents with a user-friendly interface and organized results.

  • No major issues, just needs a modern interface and lower prices.

  • Efficient processing for smaller email lists.

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