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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Growth Strategies for 2024

The best strategies that you can use with Sales Navigator and get the most out of LinkedIn

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June 17, 2024


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LinkedIn Ads are the most expensive ads available. So, before you unlock your money, you should establish focused audiences. LinkedIn is the single most effective source of high-quality B2B leads if you know how to go about it. While you can grow your page using LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn content branding, LinkedIn outreach, or a combination of two or all of those strategies, our focus for this article would be on LinkedIn Outreach. 

LinkedIn Ads are pricey. The second option, LinkedIn personal branding (content creation), while boasting the tendency of producing fantastic results, is significantly time intensive. LinkedIn Outreach is neither too pricey nor time-consuming while producing the ideal outcome. Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can scrape precise profiles and apply customization to improve prospecting.

In this tutorial, we will look at how to hack LinkedIn advertising using Sales Navigator. Also covered is how to get the most out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

How to Hack LinkedIn Sales Navigators In 2022

Many people question, "Is LinkedIn sales navigator worth it in 2022?" Do you want to know how to utilize it to scrape profiles with complex filters? Is the $64.99 per month worth it? Yes, but only if you're already actively using LinkedIn growth tactics as a source of leads.

Sales Navigator allows you to filter your target demographic more specifically, recommend sales leads, track updates, interact with individual people, and use extensive filtering not accessible anywhere else on the site.

If you're unsure if LinkedIn Sales Navigator is ideal for you, take advantage of the tool's 30-day free trial. You may find more information on the tool here. Remember, though, that most individuals who use the tool have no idea how to get the most out of it.

How exactly does that work?

They conduct a broad industry-based search (e.g., industry, area, job title) and then utilize a LinkedIn automation tool to contact them using the most boring template imaginable.

LinkedIn does not want you to spam their platform; they may flag your account if you send out templates like the one above in bulk. It takes time to find high-quality leads. You must have something in common to create great content and find common ground.

What's more, guess what? LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides numerous possibilities for this. Today, we'll show you how to use five current search strategies to find more focused, high-quality leads.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator search tactics guide

Let’s see some Linkedin Sales Navigator growth hacks to employ as a search tactics guide. 

1. Job Change Notifications

You can use Sales Navigator to filter for job change alerts. If you notice a position shift with someone you've previously spoken with, you can simply initiate a conversion.

To begin, introduce yourself and congratulate them on their new role. Then you can discuss or follow up on your earlier talk, which included a position you were interested in, and perhaps plan a meeting.

2. Obtain Inbound Leads

What are you waiting for to check your "Who's viewed your LinkedIn profile" tab?

To accomplish this: In your dashboard, go to your profile and click on "Who's Viewed Your Profile."

All you have to do now is send those individuals a personalized connection invite. Then, do something useful as a follow-up (e.g., an article you wrote on LinkedIn). Instead of the conventional sales pitch, this warms up your connection and positions you as an authority.

If they're looking at your profile, they're already intrigued! Take advantage of this! Do you want to know how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile? You can use the following as a starting point:

"Hello, first name,

You clicked on my profile, which is fantastic. Is there anything, in particular, you're looking for?

It's also great to see your work in the industry; I've written quite a bit on the subject. If you're interested, I'd happily email you some articles (or case studies).”

3. LinkedIn Groups

You may filter for groups in LinkedIn's advanced search. There, you can meet other professionals interested in the same topic.

You can, for example, search for groups on digital marketing, LinkedIn growth hacking, eCommerce, and other topics. By navigating to the LinkedIn search bar and inserting relevant keywords, you can quickly determine where your target audience is situated.

Then, to filter the results, pick Groups. Then, using the advanced filter on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you may search for even more precise groups:

Finally, you can send a personal connection invite, introducing yourself and letting them know you noticed they are in the same group as you. 

You can say, "It would be fantastic to connect with someone like-minded to see if there's any opportunity for collaboration," you can continue.

"What do you think?"

How to find LinkedIn group on sales navigator

4. Look for prospects who are similar to your current customers

One of the most valuable advantages of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is that it can recommend prospects similar to those you currently have. The most excellent part is how simple it is!

Follow these methods to locate similar prospects in Sales Navigator:

  • Go to the Search Bar In Sales Navigator.
  • Look for existing customers.
  • Choose a customer from the search results.
  • Select Show Similar.
Look for prospect who are similar
similar leads on LinkedIn

Once you've done this, you'll have 100+ leads similar to your clients.

It's as simple as that. And, because those leads are similar to those you currently have, you may approach them similarly! You can also reuse existing case studies or content; there is no need to generate new ones.

5. "LinkedIn Posted" Search Filter

You can use this search type to find material submitted by possible purchasers. Assume my buyers are business owners who operate in functional business development. 

You can apply these filters to the sophisticated LinkedIn Sales Navigator search. The Posted Content Keywords filter is the secret sauce here: This search filter will provide me with a list of people who are also interested in growth hacking.

Finally, you can contact them using a template like: "Hi, first name, Your recent remark on post-content-keyword touched a nerve.

I usually cover some unique growth-hacking articles that you can utilize to improve your outreach strategy. If you wish to look at it, I'll gladly send it your way.

Please let me know if this is of any interest to you."

You've undoubtedly decided on a strategy and are ready to reach out to your target audience at this stage. The main disadvantage of using LinkedIn Sales Navigator is that you must do it manually and one by one for every lead, which takes a long time.

You must copy and paste your template, edit each one precisely, and be particular in your messages.

Automate Your Process

Instead of spending the whole day drafting outreach connection requests and following up, AUTOMATE the entire process! Automation solutions have transformed a LinkedIn lead generation. The possibilities are limitless.

You may improve your prospecting by scraping LinkedIn Sales Navigator searches, group filters, and using growth hacking.

However, remember that many LinkedIn automation solutions are NOT SAFE or EFFECTIVE.

It's also inefficient to keep your laptop open all day to complete LinkedIn activities using a Chrome plugin.

Are you ready to use a cloud-based application to automate your LinkedIn outreach?

For this procedure, you should try Spylead.

Spylead is also compatible with Sales Navigator list searches, saved searches, advanced searches, and more. In other words, you can use Spylead to automate all of the Sales Navigator growth hacks and search strategies.

So you get the best of both worlds here: highly detailed targeting and filters from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, as well as the ability to automate all time-consuming procedures using Spylead.

How To Target Sales Navigator Leads with Linkedin Ads

To target sales navigator leads with LinkedIn ads:

1. Export contacts from Linkedin Sales Navigator

The initial step will be to retrieve selected accounts from Linkedin Sales Navigator.

Because Data Export is not a native LinkedIn sales navigator feature, you will need to use a third-party solution to accomplish this. Spylead is an expert at this task.

2. Share your Sales Navigator export with Linkedin Ads

The following step is importing the Sales Navigator data into LinkedIn Ads.

To do so, navigate to Work > Advertise.

Then, either establish a new ad account or select an existing one. Select Create > Campaign. Then choose your campaign target, scroll down, and click Audience > List Upload. Select Company List. Then select Upload a List.

You will be taken to the Linkedin Ads upload interface. Before you post your file, you must change it to match the templates LinkedIn expects. When your file matches the template, click Select List and upload it.

Your list will now be visible on the Linkedin Ads interface, and you can pick it up by checking the box next to the name. What is the next step? Select Narrow. To target decision-makers, use lead filters.

3. Include lead filters in your LinkedIn Ads

You have indicated to Linkedin that you wish to target persons on your account list. It is now time to offer the algorithm more precision to help them select the appropriate decision makers.

To do so, go to Audience Attributes > Job Experience. Then choose Job Titles. You can be specific about the job titles you wish to target within these accounts.

You should note that you can only add job titles suggested by Linkedin. They are broad categories that group different job titles. It operates in the same manner as LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

If you are looking for really particular job titles that are not very popular, this filter may not be able to help you. But don't worry; there is a workaround if necessary.

4. Use Linkedin Ads to upload lead lists

If the job title you're looking for is too specialized to discover on Linkedin, you can upload your lead list to reduce your audience. For this strategy, you must post at least 300 persons in LinkedIn advertising.

Linkedin requests the LinkedIn account's email address, first and last name, job title, and country.

You can create another sheet and change the Spylead file to meet the prospect upload template, just like you did for accounts. To summarize, if you can't discover your job titles: Please upload your account list. Upload your lead list by clicking "narrow."

This was the technically challenging phase. Consider how you may incorporate this into your LinkedIn lead creation approach.

Account-Based Marketing with Linkedin Ads

These tactics are pretty effective if you want to begin using Linkedin Account Based Marketing to create leads.

1. The Mere Exposure Effect

The mere-exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when people develop a preference for something only because they are familiar with it.

The more your prospect is exposed to your brand through commercials or content, the more comfortable they will be with your sales. The more familiar they are with your sales, they will likely schedule meetings with them.

Exposure effect on LinkedIn

2. The Warm-Up Ads

This strategy is designed to gradually introduce your brand to your prospects before you begin prospecting them.

Indeed, if you pique your prospects' interest before your SDR contacts them, your response rate may increase because your prospects have already considered your offers numerous times.

When a Sales representative contacts you, take advantage of the opportunity to ask them questions!

Howto warm up lead on LinkedIn

3. The Cover Ads

These campaigns aim to stay with your prospects while your SDRs speak with them. Assume your SDR sends a follow-up, but your prospect does not respond.

Three days later, she sees your advertising on her Linkedin page and recalls that he forgot to respond to you, so she sends a positive response.

Running ads while speaking with a prospect is an excellent approach to follow up without sending messages.

Cover ads on LinkedIn

4. The Wake-Up Ads

Even after four follow-ups, many of your prospects would not respond to your prospecting communications.

Is this a reason to abandon them? Absolutely not! You certainly don't want to come out as pushy.

So why not retarget them with advertisements? Perhaps your prospects simply wanted more time to think about your offer. You may stay top of mind even if you cease delivering communications for a month or two by running Linkedin Ads following your prospecting efforts.

cover ads on LinkedIn


That's all there is to it! Using complex criteria, you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to locate specific prospects and contacts to contact. The list is then scraped and imported into Expandi by simply copying and pasting the URL!

How simple is that? You only need a few growth hacks to start LinkedIn Sales Navigator prospecting.