How to verify emails deliverability with Spylead

Learn how to verify email addresses to avoid bouncing


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Want to make sure your prospect’s email address is deliverable to keep your domain reputation safe? 

With Spylead, email verification is:

  • fast: you can verify hundreds of emails in a minute
  • safe: emails are truly verified, cause there’s nothing worse than bouncing
  • easy: verify emails manually or in bulk

Let’s see how to verify email addresses with Spylead!

To summarise, we will:

  1. Go to the Spylead email verifier page
  2. Verify emails manually
  3. Verify emails in bulk

Before starting, make sure to create a Spylead account, you’ll get 25 credits free per month, which will give you 100 verified email addresses. 🥳

Alright? Let’s go!

1. Go to Spylead Email Verifier

Log in to your Spylead account from to access the Spylead app.

Then click on “Email verifier” ( at the top of the page.

Verification email list feature on Spylead

2. Verify emails manually

To check email deliverability, type or paste the email you want to verify. Then press enter or click on the binoculars.

Simple email verification on Spylead

You’ll see the email status, with deliverability information:

  • email format: valid or not valid)
  • server status: valid or not valid
  • email type: professional or personal
  • gender: male or female, if relevant
Deliverable email on Spylead

Emails status will be associated to a confidence score:

  • Deliverable (100% confidence score) : The email has successfully passed our verifications system.
  • Risky (70% confidence score): This email is generic, like,,
Risky email status on Spylead verifier
  • Catch-all (60% confidence score): The mail is related to a domain that has a catch-all policy. Spylead cannot fully verify this email as the domain will always return a “Ok” response for any mailbox. It is the case with,, etc.
Catch all email verification from Spylead
  • Undeliverable (0% confidence score): The email failed one or more steps of Spylead email verification system: invalid server status and/or wrong email format. This email does not exist and will bounce. Avoid using this email to keep your domain reputation safe.
undeliverable email status from spylead email verifier

It will cost you 0.25 Spylead credit per verification, and you won’t be charged if the email is found undeliverable.

When an email is verified, you can save it to any lead list on you Spylead account. Select a list on the bottom left corner of your screen, or create a new list. Then click on the blue button “Save into…”

Save a lead to a custom list on Spylead

If you have a large number of emails to verify, you’ll save time using the bulk mode.

3. Verify emails in Bulk

Click on “bulk verification” and on the blue button “create a new bulk”.

Create a bulk email verification on Spylead

Remember that it will cost you 0,25 Spylead credit per verification, so 1 Spylead credit per 4 verifications. You won’t be charged if the email is found undeliverable. 

Let’s set up your verification campaign.

👉 Name your bulk email verification campaign
👉  Option 1 - Type or paste each email address directly in the field.
👉  Option 2 - Upload your unverified email list in CSV or Txt Format, follow the instructions from the CSV/txt import panel
👉  You’re ready! Click on the “Launch” blue button

Import a file to verify emails in Bulk in Spylead

That’s all it takes, you get the deliverability status of each email along with a score.

Access the list of email verified on Spylead

And now? Download the verified email list as CSV

Now you can directly download your verified email list as CSV. Click on the “Download as CSV” button and choose if you want to export only the 100% deliverable emails, or all of them. Select an option and click on “Download”.

Move verified leads to any lead list

Otherwise, you can move this data into any lead list of your Spylead lead management dashboard. Select the relevant raws, or all of them, and click on “export to lead list”. Choose the destination lead list and click on the blue button “export to”.

Download the verified email from the bulk on Spylead campaign

If you don’t have an email list to verify yet, use Spylead LinkedIn Search email finder or Google Maps email scraper to find prospects! 

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