How to get unlimited Inmails on Linkedin in 2022

The best method to get unlimited Inmails on LinkedIn


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Inmails grants access to a wide range of users without the requirement to initially add them as a connection. Unlike traditional messaging or email, LinkedIn InMail allows you to form new relationships, engage with new contacts, and attempt to establish relationships with influencers, employers, customers, and other professionals.

Regrettably, Sales Navigator only provides 50 inmails per month, and Linkedin Recruiter provides 150 inmails monthly. That is far too low, and you may be thinking of how to get unlimited inmails on LinkedIn.

Well, on LinkedIn, only premium members have access to unlimited Inmails. If you are not a premium member, you will only be able to send a certain number of InMail messages per month. Unless you're prepared to pay an excessive $10 for InMail credits, you'll be seeking ways to circumvent LinkedIn's regulations.

We'll teach you how to accomplish precisely that in this article. There are methods for receiving a large number, if not an infinite number, of InMails. All you need to know is how. So, here's how to get unlimited InMails on LinkedIn.

Four Steps on How to get Unlimited Inmails on Linkedin

You can use these techniques below to get unlimited inmails on LinkedIn: Let’s show you how. 

1. Send Inmails to Open Profiles

The first technique for getting unlimited inmails on LinkedIn is to message Open Profiles. All Inmails sent to Open Profiles are entirely free. When you contact these users, you will not gain any inmail credits.

The big question now is, how do I spot Open Profiles? In the past, to know if a profile is open or not, you click on More, and then you select Message. However, that has been improved upon. Now, you can click on Message directly on the person’s LinkedIn page if the profile is open.

send inmail to open profile

If this Message Box opens with the text Free Message, it indicates that the profile is open; if you click on "why," it will take you to a Linkedin Documentation for a complete explanation.

send a free inmails message on linkedin

Now that you know how to locate and contact Open Profiles manually let's look at how to automate this process. Spylead can identify Open Profiles at scale if you use Sales Navigator, and export your sales navigator leads to a CSV file and detect Open Profiles.

This tool will send Inmails on your behalf. You can send an infinite number of Linkedin inmails on autopilot if you feed this outreach sequence with new Open Profiles every week. Keep in mind that Inmails cannot be used to send follow-ups.

2. Maximize LinkedIn’s Inmail refund policy

Any InMail message that is accepted/declined or personally responded to within 90 days of being delivered will be credited back. If most of your Inmails receive replies, you can send a limitless number of Inmails on LinkedIn because they will repay your credits every time you receive a response.

maximize linkedin inmail refund policy

You may want to take some time to focus on the copywriting of your messages before you begin bombarding your Inmail campaign, since this will significantly impact your inmail credit spending.

3. Contact Linkedin group members

Messaging LinkedIn group members is another strategy to acquire infinite inmail credits on Linkedin. Messages made to LinkedIn group members are not considered inmail. They do, however, allow you to contact second and third-degree contacts.

You must be a member of the group to utilize this strategy. So, before you do anything, send a request and get it approved by the group admins. When you view the list of members, you will notice that you can communicate with any member without first issuing a connection request. LinkedIn will deliver your message to the message request rather than the general inbox.

show all group member on LINKEDN
send a message to group members

This is why the Open Profile method is superior to this strategy because it directs you to the primary inbox, but you can still experiment with this technique to see if it works for your company.

Spylead can be used to extract LinkedIn group members into a CSV file to automate this procedure. Simply enter the URL of the Linkedin group, and Spylead will do the rest. You can automate the outreach process using Linkedin Helper or any Linkedin outreach application.

4. Reach out to Linkedin event attendees

Connecting or reaching out to event attendees on LinkedIn is another way to send an infinite number of inmails. 

You can DM anyone by going to the Networking menu > Message.

reach out to linkedin event attendees

Spylead can still be used to automate this process. Lastly, feel free to utilize the app's Linkedin Helper and the "Message to event participants" option to automate the outreach.


LinkedIn InMail can be a great way to reach potential clients and build new leads. Limitations on how many inmails you can send monthly impede progress. But, if you follow these short and precise hacks on how to get unlimited inmails on LinkedIn, you will be miles ahead of your competitors.

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