[TUTO] Extract emails and data from Google Maps

In this article, you will have the possibility to discover how to scrape emails and extract data from Google maps


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Case study


Create a Spylead account (25 free credits/month, so up to 250 emails from google maps)

● Download the chrome extension

● Pin the chrome extension on your browser (need help, check our tuto here!)

Open Google maps

Let's start with a case study!

You want to extract all the emails and information of all the marketing agencies in the United States, more precisely in New York. For this, the best tool is the Google maps scraper, also called Google maps email extractor, which will allow you to retrieve all the necessary information to make your cold outreach campaign a real success.

To summarize we will:

● Make a search on Google maps

● Type a keyword and select “near” to target the search

● Launch Spylead chrome extension

● Verify the emails which have been extracted

Important note:

🔵 You can launch several bulk at the same time

🔵 You can leave the Google maps tab while the bulk is running.

How to extract email and data from Google maps?

first, after downloading the chrome extension and creating an account, go to  Google maps

Make a search on Google Maps

It is important to note that Google never displays more than 200 results per search, so it is important to target your search to the maximum.

In our example, we will search for “marketing agencies in New York”, maybe there are more than 200 results, who knows? It would therefore be wise to target by district, for example by typing "Manhattan marketing agency". 

set up search on google maps

Set up the bulk on Spylead chrome extension

set up the bulk from spylead chrome extension

●  Give a name to your bulk, you can give the same name as your search

●  Choose the amount of GMB listing you want to scrape, maximum 200.

●  Choose the start position, 0 or 1 is by default the first listing

●  Launch your Bulk and let the magic happen!

After launching your bulk, wait a few minutes, our web scraper is extracting the emails by searching them through the web! 

Access your results on your dashboard

access your spylead dashboard

Once your campaign is complete, you can access the results, and you have several options: 

●  check the deliverability of the emails you just scraped from google maps. This will allow you to be sure that you won't bounce during your cold mailing campaign

●  Export GMB listing with emails to a custom list

● Download results as CSV file


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