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How does Spylead compare with Getprospect? What is the best email finder for LinkedIn? What is the best alternative to Getprospect? Discover why Spylead is an amazing alternative to Getprospect email finder.

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Looking for GetProspect Alternatives?

Getprospect is an email finder that allows you to find anyone's email address. It's a great tool for sales and marketing professionals who need to reach out to potential customers or clients. However, there are a few alternatives to Getprospect as a LinkedIn email finder that you may want to consider, such as Spylead.

A linkedin email finder is a software that helps you to find the email address of any person on LinkedIn. It is very useful for sales and marketing professionals who want to reach out to their potential customers through email. There are many advantages to using a LinkedIn email finder. Some of them are:
1. You can find the email address of anyone on LinkedIn, whether they are your connections or not.
2. It is a very fast way to find email addresses.
3. You can export the results in a CSV file.
4. You can use advanced search options to narrow down your search results.
5. You can find the email address of a person even if their LinkedIn profile is set to private.

But, you need also to use the best product to get accurate data. The more data you get, the more your emails can be personalized.

This is where Spylead can be a good option!

Reason #1

Run multiples bulk at the same time in the background - Get more leads, in less time

Bulk scraping LinkedIn from a chrome extension is a great way to get more leads in less time. You can run multiple scrapes in the background, so you don't have to wait for each one to finish before starting the next, and you can quit the LinkedIn tab while Spylead is doing the job. This way, you can get hundreds of contact info in just a few seconds. Plus, bulk scraping is much faster than doing it manually. ✌️

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Reason #2

Spylead finds personal email and extract all the contact infos from LinkedIn

With our powerful AI, you can find all the information of a contact from LinkedIn which is saved into a list. This includes the personal email and phone number (and more) of the person. With this information, you will be able to reach out to them more easily and connect with them on a more personal level.

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Reason #3

Our LinkedIn email finder finds 100 contacts info, in 45 secondes.

Our LinkedIn email finder is a powerful tool that can help you quickly gather contact information for your prospects. In just 45 seconds, Spylead can find and scrape 100 contacts from LinkedIn. This is a huge time saver for your team, and it will help you accelerate your prospecting efforts.

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Spylead is a game changer


Bulk mode on steroids

Launch several bulks simultaneously and get tons of emails in a fraction of the time


Only verified emails

We only provide verified and up-to-date emails. Quality is more important than quantity - you won't bounce, your domain reputation will never be harmed


Scrape in background

You can launch several bulk at the same time and leave the LinkedIn tab when the bulk is launched!

Discover how Spylead compares with Getprospect

LinkedIn email finder

Scraping duration for 100 leads

45" seconds
Average 4 minutes

Run in background

Run multiple bulks at the same time

Emoji automated cleaner

Gender detection

Extract all company data for each contact

Extract all contact details from the profile

Provide only 100% verified emails

Find personal emails and phone

Find email from LinkedIn profile URL

Sales navigators compatible

Find emails from an event

Find emails from a group

Find emails from an employee page

Email verifier

Email Finder

Lead management



Credit cost

Credit cost

LinkedIn Email Finder


per verified email revealed

Google Maps & SERP


per 10 results

Email Finder


per successful request

Email Verification


per request

Discover why Spylead is the best alternative to the market leaders


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Spylead is the best email finder to scrape data and email from LinkedIn, Google maps, and Search Engine.
Spylead reveals personal and business emails, and extracts useful data that you can use to customize your cold email campaigns!

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